Where i can buy cheap domain

where i can buy cheap domain names

I recomend namecheap.com . They have also a good support.


there are thousands of places.
some even give you a .com for free if you get hosting from them!!

namecheap rock my socks.

Yup. I go with Namecheap too. Tried and tested.

I like godaddy. Have been with them for years.

Be careful with this arrangement. You are not given administrative or technical control in this type of arrangement. You host has all of this. What happens if later in the future you want to move hosts and you can’t transfer the domain?

Be willing to spend to secure your domain so you can maintain some level of control over where it exists over time.

Yeah, it’s a good idea to keep your domains separate from the hosting provider. As mentioned above Namecheap are good. Domain.com is a good place too.

I would say that instead of looking for cheap registrar, look for secure registrar if you are serious to running business online.

What I would say is Godaddy is too secure and cheap as well.

Check out this list of the cheapest domain name registrars at unlike kinds

I’d recommend gandi.net for their no bull approach. And never use network solutions!

You can get domain name almost everywhere but to find the cheapest one is by using coupon code. For a bulk purchase, I always recommend Godaddy since there are lots of coupon codes shared on the internet everyday.