Buying domain names

Is buying a domain name from Godaddy ok? I found going through the purchasing process to be directed at buying this and buying that. I didn’t like that. I felt that they are not committed to their customers, rather they are more committed to profit.

Would you recommend other online sites to purchase domain names.

Yes, Godaddy only pretends to be inexpensive but when it comes to renewals Godaddy charges like starving beast. Try Moniker, Namecheap or Register or any other big registrar instead of big Greedy Daddy.

We will not advice GoDaddy. We purchased qwhosting dor com from them long ago and they created hell of the trouble to get it transferred.

We tested GoDaddy, Enom, and so many other big name Registrars in last 12 years but finally found ResellerClub dot com as most convient and helpful.

Good luck

There are a lot of others domain name registrars. You can chose them.

Well, they ARE in business for profit - isn’t everyone? But having said that, I do know what you mean. I’ve been using GoDaddy for many years now and believe me, in the beginning felt just as you did - in addition to feeling quite lost amongst all the “extras” they push. But you get used to it and learn where that “no thanks” button is REAL fast. :wink: Plus, sometimes (much to my own surprise) those come in handy once you know exactly what you’ll need/want for a site.

I usually use

There are lot of reputed and cheap registrars.


yes there are always best domain registrar online and some of them are namecheap dotster…etc just google