Becoming SEO expert?

I need to become an SEO expert and fast! :slight_smile: Any suggestions?

Yes; the same holds true for becoming a mechanic as becoming a competent SEO.
If you can enroll in an intensive mechanics course where you are taught by an expert mechanic in a workshop environment; you are going to learn very quickly if you have the necessary aptitude.
That sort of course is going to cost a lot money because experts don’t come cheap, but it can be done.
All that said, I agree that no matter how long you have been in the business there is always new stuff to learn on a daily basis.


“I need to become a mechanic and fast! :slight_smile: Any suggestions?”

I’ve been an SEO for 11 years and I still learn something every day. Good luck though. :slight_smile:

Expert and Fast are two words that negates each other … expertise comes with time, efforts and dedication … there may be a short cut to riches but there’s no short cut to expertise.

Start reading articles of webmasters and find answers of all the queries about SEO from forums and do parallel practices with your personal project.

Read, Study, implement,
Analise results,
be patients
IF nothing works
stick to basic

That may be true if you want to become a professional, but Another Designer said a different word… Expert. Professionals are those able to competently carry out their job (and for most that’s fine) but the idea that you could do an intensive course and end up an expert (as in someone who knows their trade better than the average individual) is rather unlikely in my mind. In your example, the expert is the one passing on their years of knowledge and experience… their not the average person who has just managed to pass the minimum barrier to entry - which I’m guessing Another Designer wasn’t looking for. Just a thought. :slight_smile:

Is it just me or is this a crazy question. To be an expert at anything takes knowledge, practice, and skill. You cant become an expert you are one or you are not one. Practice practice practice. This reminds me of posts i read in photography forums. How can i become a professional photographer. Learn thats how

Get the latest Google algorithm and I’m sure you will be successful in a very short time:D

fast?you can go Training institutions
but SEO expert come from Practice

And you need to constantly keep yourself updated on the new developments in SEO.
There are updates happening on a daily basis… Don’t miss the bus…

Study SEO from online resources. Internet is full of SEO information treasure. And if you are talking about fast then it depends on person’s intensity that how much can he pick and learn in a short span of time.

Free SEO tutorials on the net are by and large, useless.
There is as much misinformation out there as there is good information and unfortunately as someone trying to learn you are not in a position to know the difference.
It is possible to learn advanced SEO quickly just like it’s possible to learn a new language by intensive study on a one to one basis from someone who is already an expert.
So its really a case of how bad you want to become an “expert at seo fast”; if you can afford it, it’s possible.


It is upto you

SEO is an ongoing process and have to close watch on the activities of search engines. So must required hard work and patience.

You have to start reading good tutorials available on net to get basics in seo and start to seo activities which helps to learn easily.



Above poster and Stomme poes are spot on.

If you really want to learn from ground up, there are courses available (like no i’m not an affiliate)

There’s no overnight success. And BELIEVE ME when I say that learning on paper is NOTHING compared to actually doing.

Follow these steps:

First of all you have to learn the SEO process by heart as much as you can, second practice the things you learned, third implement and watch the result, fourth monitor the improvement. Continuous process, need more and more presence and tenacity to work hard. … SEO Expert.

Excellent post Smurf, Though I would probably add an additional step called “Repeat” at the end (as in my experience, you never seem to iron out bugs, quirks or knowledge in a single sweep). While the steps you provided are accurate to undergoing activities, the need to follow up (post reporting) is equally valuable. :slight_smile:

You need to learn and understand the nature of the whole SEO thing to become an expert. Remember, this is a broad subject and you’ll needing more time for this.

I think these steps should be enough:

Study a lot
Apply what you have learned
Study again
Experiment on your own sites

Do this for a couple of years and you might head somewhere. :slight_smile:

Well you should have enough skill and credentials to go out there and get their site in a higher rank of each SE, but don’t ever assume that you know everything, because there is always room for improvement. Learn, learn learn…