Need Career Advice

Hello Experts.
I am a fresher in seo.
Just completed my intermediate but did not apply for the graduation due to some personal and financial reasons (Poor background).
But I am working as a seo executive since oct 2012 to fulfil my financial requirements.
I want to ask some questions -

  1. From this point since I have just completed my high school (intermediate), Is SEO as a career good choice for me or not because someone told me that SEO is a very limited field ?

  2. With seo as my job profile right now should I apply for graduation form computer science or any normal graduation programme would be good ? And what about the post graduation programme ? Should I do my post graduation with computers like languages (c, java) etc or should I do MBA form marketing/online marketing ?

  3. Please also suggest that what is the higher qualification for a SEO professionalist ??

(Sorry to ask so many complicated and personal questions but I thought that since this forum is being answered by experts I hope to have good advice on career and profession)

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

There is no educational criteria for SEO, you can start at any time and learn any time. I think you should understand it first. SEO is also a self learning process. read out some online tutorials, blogs etc… It will surely help. best of luck

  1. I think anyone who can welcome everything about SEO can make it as a career. I do SEO and like you it’s not my line of education as well. SEO is in-demand online as people compete to get to the top. For me, it’s a good career for anyone interested.

  2. I think computer education would be perfect. If you can study how to create videos, websites, and related stuffs, you can be be successful online. The rate is much higher with web designers, programmers, etc.

  3. I don’t really know. Maybe experience where you got a lot of successes with your SEO strat.

Let me ask you something, do you like doing SEO or are you doing it just for earning a living. I would suggest you to think twice before making a decision about further studies.

A good career is that one that you really love, the one that enthusiasm you and makes you want more. If SEO does that, then it would be.
Additionally of course, your want to make a living.

  1. SEO, for my taste, lacks exactitude (like most marketing fields, I have to say). It is a field full of misconceptions and wrong information. You’ll find loads of information on the internet but most of it is just rubbish. Most of those who called themselves SEO experts don’t have a clue what SEO is (and again, this happens a lot in the broader world of marketing)

But it is true that’s something that you can study by yourself because there are no university studies for it.

  1. Studying at university will help you in the future because you will have a formal degree and because you will learn to discipline yourself (at school you had your teachers rating you all the time, this doesn’t happen at University where schedules are more relaxed and you’re not forced to stay in the class. I suggest that you do, if you decide to go). There’s no degree for SEO. SEO is a mix of marketing and web development. If I had to choose, I’d go for a computer science degree

  2. The only degree that may be of any help, I think, would be Google Adwords and Marketing certificates. I don’t think there’s anything else that can be recognized globally.

Hello Friends,

some seo tips

SEO is search engine optimization

  1. Forum posting is the greatest way to make back links.

  2. Forum links allow you to boost you’re the link popularity of your website.Hence your search engine rank will increase and brings more organic traffic.

  3. Through forum you can get direct referrals and lead from these forums.

  4. Forums are well cached by search engines.

  5. Forums are the excellent way to get free traffic towards website.

Thanks and Regards

This is exactly what I mean with wrong advice :slight_smile:

Sir but all of this is not false either, or is it ? :frowning:

Not 100% but more like 80% of it

Random posting in forums worths nothing and their impact is minimal. Many forums are no follow and even if they were do follow… Google doesn’t give it any importance… there are too many links, too many signatures and, only because it is a forum, it doesn’t count the same.

Forums are good to SEO? yes, but only if you stick to the forum and create trust. Then people start clicking your signature and drive traffic. That means that you have to be nice, polite, helpful, knowledgable and post often…

Posting one post in a hundred forums is useless. Sticking to the forums you really like and that you will use… that’s different. The better the users of the forum knows you, the more they trust you. And if you prove to be a real expert or at least that you provide verified information, your reputation will boost. And at the end of the day, everything is a matter of trust… and selling even more so :lol:

I have four years of experience with SEO and own professional degree in computer sciences. What I will recommend you to have a good professional degree. I will prefer you to do programming despite of just SEO.

SEO isn’t a career.

It’s the snake oil of Web Development, for the most part.

Actual Good (white hat) techniques are just basic common sense.

But Sir what is the role of programming in Search Engine Optimization ???

Hey friend,

This is really good choice but what you have started to learn seo. There so many things to learn in seo and it’s really interesting field to work.
I suggest to read seo related blogs, forums & of course seomoz blog, where you can get good knowledge. I hope you get your answer…

Now it’s up to you how you will start.

Little if any at all. First, because part of SEO is based on HTML which has never been a programming language (no matter how often some people say that they program in HTML). It is just a markup language. Creating good and clean HTML is the responsability of a good coder and the programmer may only have something to say when this is created by a CMS… but even then, it has to follow the path that the coder says.

As for the rest, keywords, titles, etc, etc… obviously, a programmer has nothing to say about that.


There is no qualification bar in SEO, and if you want to peruse your graduation then you can go for a normal graduation programme. as an SEO executive you need to devote more time to the job as compare to other.

Till now… SEO is not known by anyone. As a career, it is the best option to go for.

Hi there - I hope your SEO course covered how Google changed the face of SEO on 2012 with Panda/Penguin and what is coming beyond? What is coming, you may know, is the diminishing value of backlinks and the increasing value of social networks.

So SEO as such is gonna be worth less as time goes on. Successful sites will, in general, have excellent content which their many visitors will be happy to share - via Tweets, Likes, etc.

If you have SEO knowledge and interest perhaps it would be worth considering setting up your own top quality site in a niche you are interested in and keep developing that alongside your day job. Then, in time, you will have an asset that can bring you money - without having to pull 8 hours days doing SEO for folks, or writing code.

Just a thought!