I have lot of work on SEO and will works on SEM as well as my career.

My questions is that is this perfect career for me and is there any certified course available for these courses like Microsoft certificates.

Waiting for answers.

Well, if its a perfect career if you know what you’re doing - and if you believe you can survive from doing work for SEO clients.

SEM = search engine marketing, which is basically the same as working with SEO - since SEO = search engine optimization.

Hm… not that I’m SEO expert… but betting that SEO work will my bill for the long run is bit too risky… It’s not like Google is releasing how their Search Engine works and they may change the strategy time to time… what if Google decides to provide SEO services? It maybe good for short term… but I probably find a job that’s a bit more stable and build that experience.

If you enjoy black-magic it is!

The last comment is quite apt for this post, as I would equate SEO knowledge with being in the “magic circle”.

The clue is in the term SEM; if you want to make it a genuine career then you’ll need to get into marketing, and that usually requires a degree. SEO/SEM is strong at the moment, but it’s extremely volatile; you’re betting your career on the value that can be gained from gaming Google.

If you want a long-term career get into marketing and once you’ve got your degree work on online marketing for a large firm. I predict that in the future SEO will be “HTML Basics” and SEM will be “Online Marketing” performed by marketing firms.

SEM Businesses are realizing the potential of online search as a means for effective lead generation, and this has a created a huge demand for increased organic search rankings and thus search engine marketing services.I think this is the perfect career path for a super SEO.

Please consider Google adwords certification for adding power to your SEM resume. as far as my advice is experience matters more than degrees and certifications in SEO and SEM sector. as these are highly performance driven sectors.