How to be a SEO expert

i want to be top the best SEO expert . how it’s possible. please help me

Learn from reputable sources, and don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. There’s an awful lot of outdated information and bad advice still being offered, so you need to learn how to distinguish good from bad. (If it’s not backed up by an authoritative source, treat it with extreme caution.)

If you’re just getting started, I highly recommend Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”.


That’s a good question and everyone want to be great and it not impossible for you so always follow these tips to be an expert. If you will follow diffidently so no one can stop you to be an expert.

  1. Love your work
  2. Always update you about search engine algorithm changes
  3. Always Follow SEO Experts and try to learn more from them
  4. Do smart work not hard
  5. Be technical
  6. Always try to make Good writing skills

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What do you mean by those comments? Please take the time to explain your answer, rather than just posting vague phrases like this, which are of no help to anybody.

SEO field is not a small field, its a very vital field every moments google change its algorithms so with that SEO should be change .
If you want to be a expert of SEO then you have to give some time to it. Practice makes a man perfect.
Do practice and keep reading about SEO.One day you will surely a expert of SEO.
And best of luck

First establish if the “Experts” are in fact experts. There are a lot of charlatans in SEO.

Was a better way of putting it.

Also try to understand major webmaster tools like Google webmaster tool,Bing search and these kinds of technical things. there are hundreds of ranking factors and you must know at least 50%.

As far as I’m aware, while Google states that they use over two hundred factors to rank a site, nowhere do they list what these factors are. Do you have an authoritative source which lists them? Otherwise, your statement is meaningless.

IMHO, SEO is not the complex mystery so many “experts” try to portray it as. The most important factor is high-quality content in a well-structured page. Without that, you will always be fighting a losing battle.

To be an SEO expert you need to do everything in a genuine way. try to make your site user friendly not only google friendly. if more user visits on your site, google will automatically increase the ranking of your site. try to prevent writing thin content and make it informative. keep up to date your knowledge from google algorithms and also focus on both activities Onpage & Offpage.

[quote=“Jason_Clark, post:12, topic:207446”]
try to make your site user friendly not only google friendly.
[/quote]Excellent advice - get your priorities right. If it’s easy for human visitors to navigate and use, it will also be easy for spiders to navigate and index.

And how will Google know how many visitors use your site? Google have stated quite clearly that they do not use Analytics information in any way when ranking a site, so unless you have an authoritative source to back that up, I think you’re wrong there.

Yes, I am agree with you google doesn’t use the Analytic Information for the PR but google also checks the Onpage and Offpage activity for the PR.

Please provide a Google source that backs this up.

As best as I can figure, because Google no longer provides Page Rank data, it is impossible for one to determine what Page Rank a page has.

To get back on topic, as far as becoming an SEO expert, short of being employed by Google or another major search engine to get “on the job training”, I think one would need to have experience and skill with putting together and interpreting tests.

That is, it seems most SEO “experts” seem to hold as truth that which many others say, substantiated or otherwise (and most often, not)

In other words, Doing “A” followed by “X” happening does not mean that the X effect was caused by A

Coincidence and conjecture prevail in the world of SEO “experts”, second only to believing what one wants to believe.

Tests that would be of any value would require isolating variables so each could be tested individually and compared against a control group. This seems to not be something most are capable or desirous of doing with even a small number of test samples let alone the large number needed to get better statistics.

IMHO much easier and better to simply focus on providing quality content and let the search engines do the rest for you.

First go for Off Page SEO which is base for quality work SEO and second thing is Content and you will master SEO field.

If you want to be a top seo expert, if you have reading quality then that’s possible, because seo process update in daily basis.

I think you have that the wrong way round. Without decent content in place, any other efforts are wasted.

[quote=“MohdGulbaz, post:17, topic:207446”]
seo process update in daily basis.
[/quote]I may be misunderstanding you, in which case I apologise, but if you’re saying that the field of SEO is constantly changing, them I’d have to disagree.

There have been changes, of course - but the major ones are Google’s periodic algorithm updates, designed to provide better search results by weeding out those sites attempting to game the system. If you have a quality site, promoted ethically in accordance with Google’s guidelines, you have nothing to fear from these updates. Indeed, they may well benefit your site, by removing poor-quality competition from the results.

So yes, keep an eye out for major algorithm changes - or changes such as the April change to mobile search - but to say SEO changes on a daily basis is a gross exaggeration. (It sounds to me like the kind of thing SEO “experts” tell potential clients, to persuade them to employ them.)

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All of which goes to show how much disinformation there is around the subject of SEO.

I perhaps shouldn’t, but all I hear in my head when I see the term SEO, is snake oil…

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Dear tariqulcba1,

Practice is the best way to become an expert in SEO.
Learn as much as possible about website optimization,
keywords research and optimization, link building and content creation.
Subscribe to popular SEO blogs newsletters.
Take SEO courses, for instance on, or any other lessons libraries.

Good luck to you!

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