SEO Training

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the growing fields all over the world. It’s being the great source to cure the unemployment problem. So, it is suggested to go for SEO training in a right SEO institute, so as to become a professional and expert in SEO. what do you think about it? Am i right?

SEO is a big deal, but I don’t really understand what you mean by “SEO institute”. There are tons of materials on the internet written on the topic and if you want to be good at it, you have read a lot and experiment a lot on it.

SEO training is a really difficult thing to get. There is no formal certification or qualification you can take. Your work is entirely dependent on third party systems that (1) you have no control over, (2) don’t publish the algorithms they use, and (3) can change at any time without warning. In SEO, there are no guarantees. So any training programme is likely to be either quickly out of date, or was rubbish in the first place.

SEO specialist have to do a lot of things. Its not about 3 or 6 months that you learn every think from a institute. So if you are wants to become a SEO specialist then you have to learn & practice a lot of things. If you are serious about SEO then join a tanning institute because you have to expend much time.

Yes, you all are right. But, one thing I need to ask. Is it possible to learn it clearly by own while being the beginner. You all would have known SEO well now, but just think about your beginning, how did you learned? Just go for your past?

You can learn from seobook & moz site. Also you can learn from youtube video site.
The more important think is that you have to know about the using some tools such as

  1. Google Adword
  2. webmaster tool
  3. Google Analytic tool
  4. Backlink checker tool etc.

One can learn from experience but to start with it I would suggest to do internship program in reputable SEO company.

And there’s the question. How do you find a reputable SEO company? There are undoubtedly some around, but there are a lot more that are (deliberately or through ignorance) cowboys and charlatans, and won’t give you good training for anything!

You may be right, but my question is “How will you learn to use the tools effectively?”

Well, I personally think that SEO being a continuously changing field, can’t be taught to anyone. Also nobody could become an expert in it. You could only tell someone the basics and they’ll learn the rest by themselves. The best way to learn SEO is to read some beginners e-book or something.