Beat my Avatar?

Check out my new avatar

Lets see you top that :smiley: ?

That sounds like a challenge, to me. :smiley: I’m game, but bear in mind that I don’t have Photoshop, so my entry won’t quite look like yours. :slight_smile:

Hi BrandingPro :slight_smile:

Nice idea. I change my avatar frequently (just have too much fun making them). My current one is this:


@Datura :wavey:

10 1/2 to 11 hours till my avatar is complete. :eek: {oops? Did I give too much away?}

Hi Dave :wavey:

Mine to 5 mins to make … Lets see you top that :smiley:

Pretty kick *** … make it neater though . Try making a cooler one .

Haha, what do you mean by neater and cooler. There are many interpretations possible within that statement. :slight_smile:

I’m going for quality, not speed. :smiley:

BrandingPro, be careful of what you are proud of :slight_smile:

Whats wrong in using fonts :rolleyes: ?? … But yeah I still like what I did a lot … :stuck_out_tongue: . My best avatar work to date .
P.S: I am not a pro designer or something . This is just one of my many many hobbies . But I do like a challenge .

Your sea horse avatar would be nicer and neater if you used vector art . large scale pictures don’t turn out just as well in 75 x 75 avatars . BTW thats my opinion , :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t hate me Graphic Design guru of the year 2008 . You know better . PEACE !!!

Actually I wanted to have a more painterly look, since I use this set of elements on my site (not quite finished yet), which is painterly :slight_smile:

ok , tell me when its done . Would love to see it .

How do i upload my own Avatar?
also this…

You need 25 posts to get the custom avatar option . you have just 7

Here we go. Took less time than I had anticipated. I’m not happy with the water effects, so I’m working on version 1.2

And here we have version 1.2:

Note: I would have shown it off @ 300x300, but the file was 4MB in size. Just a BIT too big, :smiley:

Ok , now thats just … over the top. Wow really good stuff , I love the sky … is it done from scratch ? . I prefer version 1 . The Ver. 1.2 looks like ice not water . BTW lets see you put that as your avatar :lol: I don’t think it will fit .
P.S: which software did you use ??? 3dmax ?

Nope. Ain’t gonna fit. I could take the front facing frame and use it, but my current avatar more closely fits me, so I think I’ll keep him. :smiley: