Beat my Avatar?

Of course, in keeping with the “beat this” theme, I could always do this:

My B is better than that :rolleyes:

All a matter of preference, my friend. All a matter of preference. :slight_smile:
{although I have to agree}


Love it, would love to be able to create stuff like that but don’t know where to start really?

Well, creating that sort of logo requires a 3D modeling program. The one I use is Bryce, and I love it.
(actually, I used Bryce to render the 120 individual frames, and stitched them into a gif image using the fairly ancient Animation Shop that’s packaged with Paint Shop Pro 7)


Ok, maybe “requires” isn’t strictly accurate… But it sure cuts down on production time. :smiley:


Lawlz, it’s Mike Zeldman!

Uh, Dave… Chuck is awesome, but he does look quite… pixelly. You could so do a smoother-looking beastie-Chuck.

Like Datura, I change my avatar often :smiley: and it is obvious which is the current one :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine. :smiley:

Cool :slight_smile:

Just default avatar,,,,

If this is yours, can I borrow it for use in another website? :slight_smile:

I’ve always loved yours, Anthony! Very nice!

I was tired of my old one, so here is my new one!

<---- I’ve got my eye on you!

Clearly, my avatar beats them all, even if it’s not new. It’s not heavy on graphic effects but carries a profound message (also copyright infringement of the PHP logo) :stuck_out_tongue:

This really rocks! I take it that’s real you? :smiley:

I also like Alex Dawson’s new avatar.

Where do you guys those cartoon-esque self-portrait of yours? I want one too!

I’m not sure of licensing - I’ve just chopped up images found on in Google Images.

@AnthonySterling Wins! That’s very very cool.

That’s very very cool.

This took entirely too long

image deleted

Great pieces of work. 75x75 is a tough challenge.