Alter my Avatar - Part 2

Continuing the discussion from Alter my Avatar, where @cpradio got a makeover, I’ve been challenged by @guido2004 to put my own avatar up for some restyling. I do this with some trepidation, as I’ve become quite attached to it, but I promise I will use the winning design for at least a week.

So you have a week in which to get creative, after which I’ll pick my favourite version.

To help you out, here are some things you may want to know about me:

  1. I’m a proud Scot.
  2. I love knitting.
  3. I have a deep-seated hatred of techno music
  4. If you’re still stuck, you could read my MOTM interview.

This is my current avatar:

Please be careful my ears and … er … bahookie don’t go AWOL when displayed as a circle.

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You’re the best bear of these forums :smiley:
I hope to see some great contributions

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Winning contribution; contest over. :smiley:


just to give you some competition @jeffreylees :


Goodness - doesn’t time fly? I didn’t realise it had already been a week.

I think @jeffreylees scared off the competition with his confidence, and everyone else just gave up in despair. And with the most “likes”, his confidence was clearly not misplaced, and I hereby declare him the winner.

However, @guido2004 deserves an honourable mention as the only member brave enough to take on Jeff.

So I’m going to use @guido2004’s avatar for a week, then swap it for @jeffreylees’s.


Too bad nobody else had a try though.

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Yes - that was a little disappointing.

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