Graphics competition - you interested?

Ok, so here’s what I need.

For my weekly “From the Community” blog post I need a graphic that represents us here at the forums. I have no preconceived idea of what it might look like so you have free reign to use your imagination.

If you check out this post you’ll see that I am currently using an image of a keyboard, which doesn’t really say much about us here at the forums at all! So I need an alternative. The size isn’t set in stone. Somewhere around 200x200 px would be ideal.

So, what do you get if you win? Exposure. I’ll be using your image every week in my post and I’ll attribute it to you and link back to your site.

I’ll select the winning entry on Thursday March 25 and it will first feature in my post the very next day. You can post your images in this thread.

So get designing, designers!


Looks like an interesting request, but I’m not entirely sure what it is that you’re after. The image you’re using right now is a picture of a keyboard. Are you looking for another picture to better represent SitePoint or are you looking for someone to make an image with the sitepoint logo in or something?

I’d love to have a go, but I’m confused as to what you want :slight_smile:


There are probably other people that are confused as well then, so it’s a good thing that you asked!

Yes, I’d like to replace the picture of the keyboard with an image that represents our ‘forum community’. It does not need to have the SitePoint logo in it. When you think of the SitePoint forums, what do you think of? That’s what the picture should be of.

personally I’ve always liked … :spf:

I’m not really sure why, it’s simple and I guess the cheeky smiling face reminds me of so many people here. :slight_smile:

Whenever I see it used, I always envisage some really important and formal meeting with lots of grey and back suits - like a congressional meeting or something, then a cheeky SP’er stands up with a SPF rocks sign and a big grin!

That is tough as I’m not really sure what to come up with and as you may not know I can come up with a few ideas quick and change them quick :slight_smile: If you could be more specific on what you’re after ?

What about a keyboard that resembles a hawk ? Ooops !! :slight_smile:

You’re not getting a backlink for that Shayne

The thought behind this little drawing was to look at the SitePoint Fora like at a school. From the perspective of the student, who is in a way child like when learning new things, no matter what the age.

So I designed the drawing like a learning child might, I even included a guru, for SitePoint is also not just about learning but also about the other side: teaching.



That’s awesome Datura :slight_smile:

Thanks Sarah, it was fun :smiley:

Did you choose Datura’s then? :slight_smile:

No decisions made yet. Datura has set the bar high but my mind is open. Let’s see what you’ve got Hecky. :slight_smile:

here is what I came up with… it can be tweeked, and don’t have a clue for a slogan

2 versions… one flat (simple), one with a bit of inner shadow (looks a bit like buttonish)

here is a 3rd (same thing but with different text)

Well, I am glad to see somebody else step up to the plate :slight_smile:

well, not much of a swing but, I’m sitting here at my desk bored to death, I’m in IT for school board and it’s the March break so I thought I’d kill some time :eyes:

Yes, it is always great to challenge yourself. Nothing better than some competition :slight_smile:

challenge is right, people think that programming is harder than designing, I do both… and I’ll tell anybody that designing is harder. Programming, once you know it… you know it. Designing always demands for imagination and creativity and sometimes your just not in the mood.

My first idea for this was a book but without leaving the idea that the forum is a website and not a book. I was going to put catchy text on it, something like Well of knowlege or whatever, and where really all the pages of the book represents different topics… but a bit warped on the imagination and creativity… :shifty:

but here is were I was with it when I changed my mind

You know, the book idea is not bad really, but too didactic. In a way you should be able to express an idea without text, that is what graphic design is all about: symbolism, expressed values in the language of the arts. If you use text it should be just there and the graphic should stand on its own without the text.

Yes, graphic design is not easy. You must have a backlog of knowledge in many areas of life, so you can just go into your stored understanding and stylize :slight_smile:

I think your an artist, or I get the feeling that’s what your describing. An artist I’m not, I do lack a bit of imagination when I have to be creative from scratch. I think there’s a big difference in being an artist and being a Web designer. Although, if you’re an artist you can impliment your work into the Web design and it gives you a handup on things.

I know Photoshop thoroughly, so I can reproduce alot of stuff i see, but I’ll have a hard time to create from scratch… accidents do happen sometimes :slight_smile:

Yes, you are right, I am an artist. But I am also a designer in many other fields. In all areas the imagination is employed, but the imagination grows from understanding and analyzing the reality around us. Observation is an integral part of course. I also try to tell stories with the images, they are woven complexity of ideas, and yes, that can be all learned. But it takes a huge amount of time.

Have you tried to look at other works to actually find the thought process behind them? That is where you might open doors for your own creativity, by knowing that process creativity appears. It is not magic, only insight.

You might be surprised though, when I code I start actually with the coding, not the designing per se. I grow things in tandem.

I hope that we have not hijacked this thread too much.