Alter my Avatar

That’s right, it is time for a fun game. You have an opportunity to alter my avatar over the next week by July 3rd (to buy @jeffreylees some time) and at the end, I’ll choose the one I fancy most and make it my avatar for at least a week (maybe longer if I truly love it)

So first the rules

  1. The most identifiable part of the avatar must remain identifiable and part of the avatar (in my case, the birdie)
  2. You can’t alter the size, it must be 120x120
  3. It must look good as a circle (since that is how Discourse shows the images)
  4. It must be Safe For Work

To help you out, here are somethings you may want to know about me

  1. I run sound for several bands in my spare time
  2. @RyanReese and @jeffreylees both think I’m 80 years old, so they like to make fun of my age
  3. I’m a complete computer geek, my backups have backups
  4. Take a quick read of my MOTM Interview

Here is my current avatar

Oh and if you’d like to have your avatar altered, let me know via PM. Once my week is up, I’d love someone else to place their up to keep this game going!


Quick GIMP from work to get everyone started. I probably can’t do anything cool until next week, I’ll have limited home computer time till then :frowning:

:smiley: Striking resemblance IMO.


I just extended it to July 3rd so you don’t have an excuse :wink:

Blast, I’ll have to try to use PhotoShop and show everyone I suck at it!

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Why did I lose my top feathers in your rendition? I really like my current hairdo (oh, and to everyone wanting to play, I’m picky about my hair, so that’s something that could be played with).

Silly birdie. You lose hair when you get old. How old is that current profile picture? 40 years old? You lost your hair a while ago, buddy :wink: .

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What vanity!

Complaining about losing hair but not a whit about losing an eye


Sorry @cpradio I also got inspired by the age thing. Added some fancy red glasses and a walking stick :slight_smile:


You can see how little life @cpradio has left in his little birdy eyes :wink: .

Fear the Batbird all you rascals, he’s coming to get you!


Now that is more like it!

You wish :smile:

And @Erik_J is the winner!


Have you got new superpowers to go with your new avatar?

Yes, spam crime fighting. :wink:


Thanks, it’s a great honor. :smile:

Wow! Batbird is.


Looks great, @Erik_J @cpradio

@Erik_J, just wanted to let you know that I’m still enjoying my BatBird costume. I think I won’t give it up until after Halloween.


Yes, I have seen it around, and I’m happy it has last every time I see it.

You are welcome, do what you like!

A thought “what if”: Maybe you should store it safe and have your BatBird costume ready in case you need its powers on some future mission?

He needs a “Clark Kent” profile picture, in that case.