Directory and Bookmarking


I have read in some of the articles now there is no benefit of directory and bookmarking submission after updates of Google algorithms.

Maybe yes and maybe no. I do not have a straight answer yet. But for me it’s still better to submit your website not only in directories and social sites but also to every web place that you think that you can receive traffic.

Yes, I have also read but if you do over directory & bookmarking submissions then it’ll not beneficial for your website…Do submissions in authority sites…

Directories can still be great, but the most difficult problem is finding quality directories that actually have an editorial policy. I believe that can be a great source for decent directories that allow free submissions as well as paid directories. It is true directories have received a bad rap, and that is because there are thousands of spammy ones, but if you look in the right places there are good ones too. The vilesilencer site has been around over a decade and I have talked to the owner over the years. He does a good job.

I also heard the same but also heard its false. So can you give me any authorised site where the proper answer I can get?

I can say it is a Marketing, so its based on Trial and error. Some Strategy effective for me and the same Strategy gives you negative effect.
So I would like to say you that I’m still using Directory and Bookmark and I’m getting good result from this; but you need to check its ‘PR, Domain Authority, Page Authority and Moz Trust’. hope that helps you.

post seo friendly directories and dofollow social bookmarking. Quality bookmarking and directories are still effective. This type of submission, i have got great results.

I used to do lot of bookmarking before panda but not now just because i am too afraid to do it… but i am not really sure if it will hurt your rankings …!

Both of them have advantages. Things you should consider while bookmarking and directory submissions are
Submit only at high Page Rank Directories and bookmarking website
If PR is low then make sure it has high travel volume so that u can divert traffic.

No, I don’t think directories and bookmarking will get useless. These are the main factor from where we can build more and more quality links.

they will only Give u result if Submit your WebSite to Quality Directories of PR3 or 3+ because before this i have Submitted my Website to low rankings Websites…due to this Backlinks to my website got Decreased …so be sure about the Directory in which you are going to Submit your Website because Low Rankings submissions is a wastage of time and Energy.this rules also follows on Bookmarking Sites!!