How to get more backlinks

I am beginner in SEO and i want suggestion and guide lines of how to get more back links genuially .

Write great information first and add content regularly (blogs, video blogs, tutorials…)
Use social media to promote it
Use PPC ads to drive traffic to your site. If your content is great, people will link to it

I seem to be posting this a lot recently, but it does have some interesting ideas. As @molona says, though, they pretty much all rely on you having or creating great content.


Following easy ways you can create a backlink.
Backlink is very important to improve ranking on Google.

  1. Submit your article/blog post on Social bookmarking sites.
  2. Comments posting on do-follow forums
  3. Forum signatures
  4. RSS feed submission.
  5. Guest posting to other websites.
  6. Social networking : twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google Plus, Tumbler.
  7. Sharing valuable information on question answers websites like quora.
  8. Press release specially paid version.
  9. Submit your website on review forums.
  10. Answer Questions in Yahoo Answers
  11. Write on and link to your website blog in it
  12. Create an informative Wikipedia page and include your link in resource section.
  13. Submit your website images to image directories.
  14. Convert your article or product info to PPT, PDF and submit to slideshare and document sharing sites.
  15. Create niche specific video tutorials or YouTube video, Such types of tutorial videos get lots of backlinks.
  16. Submit your article to top niche directories.

Good quality backlinks are taken into account by Google. Links you can easily place yourself - like many of the suggestions above - are largely disregarded, and if done to excess, may be regarded as Spamming (by both Google and the sites where they’re placed) and may have a negative effect.

Off Topic:

Just to be clear, outgoing links on this forum are nofollow - despite what you may read elsewhere on the Internet.

Don’t just focus on increasing backlinks. I can prove you, lots of website which have less then 100 backlinks ranked on first position in Google search engine. Google is only focusing on Quality Content. Add quality content into your site, made high quality backlinks with relevant category. These will affect your site more.


*submit guest post to other blogs
*link to your blog in your signature
*submit your blog to top blogging directories
*write a high quality content and you will get strong backliks
*convert your blog posts to pdf and submit it to document sharing sites

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I partially agree with this list. I would use caution when using these techniques.

Submitting guest posts to blogs just to expose your url is rubbish. If you want to do it, do it right and make a good contribution to that blog. Also, be aware that the blog itself may have rules about it.l

Link to your blog in your won’t work if you don’t stay around and commit to regular and quality contribution. In addition to that, it should be done according to the particular rules of the web that you’re are participating in.

Converting blog posts to PDF may cause some conflict too due to duplicated content


If you want to get back links first of all search some high pr blog sites like wordpress and do some forum postings also, create some social profiles like twitter, facebook and google plus etc. To make your brand more invisible for users you should put more information about yourself as you can put. Upload some videos on youtube and vimeo


PR is calculated per page, not per site. So a site with a high PR home page may not have high PR inner pages - and if it does, it very likely follows Google’s advice to mark user-submitted links as nofollow. (And deletes links which are simply placed to Spam.)

[quote=“jeffzisselman, post:11, topic:117270”]
do some forum postings also
[/quote]Again, forum posting will do not good in terms of backlinks, because reputable forums do not permit Spam links, and those links which are allowed are generally nofollow, as on this forum.

Get back links from high pr websites like reddit, web 2.0 sites and also from facebook and google + too.

Sorry, but Facebook and Google + mark links “nofollow”, and I believe Reddit does the same. so none of these sources will do you any good at all for building backlinks.

(And see my earlier posts regarding PR and user-submitted content.)

Don’t think soo. I am using reddit and i have get do follow back link from reddit.

OK, sorry. I don’t use Reddit and was going by something I read elsewhere.

But have you seen this?

Q. So I just noticed this today, and not sure why I never noticed before, but certain links on reddit are nofollow and others followed. Anyone know why or what the rules are around that? Is it a certain number of upvotes that takes the link condom off??

A. Yes, it’s upvotes. Remember that the reddit algo automatically upvotes and downvotes things sort of randomly, and slowly downvotes over time. So, a link on reddit cannot be permanently followed.

Most of reddit isn’t going to appreciate you using them for link building.

If you read the rest of that discussion, too, you’ll find more information on why reddit is not a place for link building.

If you will get more than 6 upvotes for your post or comment. it will automatically become dofollow. But comment or link karma is 0 or less than 3 then it will be no follow.

Hope you understand.

And I hope you understand that the discussion I linked to says (my bold)

a link on reddit cannot be permanently followed.

This is a great post. Thanks for your post.

I don’t have clear ideas about the convert blog posts to pdf and submit it to document sharing sites.
You can give me any advice all about that?

The quality of content is best thing after that offpage SEO process which is discussed by @Steveng401 is the way to increase backlinks

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Totally we have 21 starategies to generate quality backlinks, but we can get more backlinks from the strategies like blog comenting, forums, directories and article submission…