Attaining local traffic for my website

Hi guys,

Here’s an original question! lol.

What would be the best bang for my buck in attaining local (geographic) traffic to my website?

I’m starting a collective buying site in Toronto (have deals lined up already) and am looking at as many ways and / or ideas in driving Toronto traffic to my site.

I’m considering Facebook flyers, but is that really effective?

What other options or alternatives do I have with my budget being very small and limited.



I would go with article marketing. This is the one way you can build up your link count and also get traffic from the articles.

If you are really going local, try off-line marketing.

Local newspaper print ads can be dirt-cheap. So can be the bus-stop ads and, sometimes, even billboards.

Thanks for the reply Jonathan. I guess I’m kind of looking for more of a specific answer / solution as opposed to a general answer.

Eg. Go to or go to company xyz as they’re amazing for local advertising in Toronto. Something along those lines.

Thanks again!


Your not going to get any “one” ad network that is great for Toronto. Just stick with the major ad networks that have geographic targetting (Facebook Ads & Google Adwords).

Alternatively you can find an internet marketing firm that works in your city and hire them. Craigslist is a great way to find a freelancer marketer that knows what he/she is doing.

I use to handle the online marketing for a local Texas business. I bought ad spots on sites that targeted the city (media buying) and used Facebook Ads.

Hope that helps a little more.


Got Google marketing written all over it. Like Johnathan says, it’s the only way you’re going to get the volume and let’s face it… it works!

You have several options: article marketing, social media marketing (twitter, facebook, myspace), and video marketing (youtube). You don’t really need much money to any of these.

Facebook local ads work great and you can find a bunch of vouchers online. So that’s something you might want to consider. It really depends on the age group you are targeting and what you are trying to sell.

A free method I suggest is SEO. Pick the right keywords and start ranking for them. This takes time but will give you consistent traffic and leads.