How do I get traffic from a specific country?

Hi guys, need some help with traffic.

I am working on a site that is UK specific and I need traffic from UK. Could some one please help me out? Is there any other way besides traffic from SE’s.

Thanks a ton.

Search Engine is an ultimate way to get traffic to your site, beside this local search engine optimization can help you a lot, list you business in local directories, maps etc… it is one of the best way to get local traffic from particular country or city. List you company’s website in Google map, with proper description about your business. Create a press release, where specific what is your business all about and where you provide services. Use yellow pages or sites like it, and index them with proper details about your business.
This are some easy ways to get local traffic and business… best of luck…

Submit your site to local directories and sites.
And build a strong campaign at social media networks for your website and make connections/friends with those who belongs to UK.

That’s simple. Optimize on your location, meaning promote and link build sites that are located in your area/or comes from your area. :smiley:

Target UK based websites? Surely when you started your UK based site you’d know competitors or popular hubs.

If you don’t, google search for things such as:-

“UK [Keyword] Blog”
“UK [Keyword]”
“UK [Keyword] Directory”

With that said, I did a Google search for one of my keywords to find the top blogs, I think of the top 10, only 3 were ones I’d consider to be good blogs in that niche that are UK based.

To get traffic from a specific country, one should perform different off-page techniques in local base sites, like submitting business listing in local business listing sites, submitting in local yellow pages, etc. i.e. one should opt for local search engine optimisation for a site.

Yahoo (local) answers,
Submit to some top local directories:google, ask, free directories also etc.
Try submitting to some .guv, .org directories (difficult to do)
Set your geographic location in Google’s Webmaster Tools
Claim your site in or similar

If you have some money try yellow pages, paid local listing (be careful with this ones)

Best way to get traffic from specific country try local business site like yellow pages, try to link exchange in local directory, comment on local U.K. base blogs related your services and product and most important keep on tracking your link submission where you submit for approval. You can also try press release and distribute to local U.K. sites…

if you need traffic from US then you have to work off page activities for US majorly, like there are some techniques which impact a better result like classifieds ads submission in the US directory only and forum discussion UK based and yahoo answers for US yahoo only. Sure with the help of this you will get a good traffic and get a better result.