10 tips on how to increase your website traffic

10 tips on how to increase your website traffic


Here are the ten useful tips,

1.Advertise your website through Traffic campaigns and Email marketing campaigns!.

2.You can use newspaper ad to direct visitors to our site.

3.Buying targeted traffic campaigns from some great traffic service providers, there is no doubt ,your website will be in front of real peoples,because i personally use that service to increase my website traffic and it worked.

4.Try to make a card with your website,and give it to your friends,leave it in car or train .

5.Post articles frequently on popular article sites such as ezine ,go articles etc.

6.post free inexpensive classified ads.

7.Join popular seo forums like this one and make frequent contribution with your website link as signature.

8.Try to find a blog that suites your website content,and make feedback to that blog also remember that feedback should be genuine,so that it cannot be recognized as a spam,include your website link there.

9.Submit your link to directories.

10.Write an ebook about your subject of website.

try yahoo answers. i get tons of traffic from there. even from my OLD answers from 2 years ago.

yes there are various ways to build links and also get more traffic.as…

Directory submission,
Article posting
link Exchange
Social book marking
social media optimization
Forums participate
Blog Commenting

These are the basic ways to build links as wel as more traffic.

He did not snip his links a MODERATOR did. Because it was a fake signature. Meaning he divided the post with a dotted line to make it appear as if he had an actual signature in it.

  1. Forum Posts
  2. Social Bookmarking
  3. Social Media
  4. Guest Posts
  5. Interviews
  6. Linkbait
  7. Linking Out
  8. Link Exchanges
  9. Directory Submission
  10. Free Templates or Themes
  11. Create a WordPress Plugin
  12. Hold a Contest
  13. Create mini-blogs and link to your main blog
  14. Buying links
  15. Paid Reviews[/quote]
    these are the good i hope and it works better

4.Try to make a card with your website,and give it to your friends,leave it in car or train .

This is a good advice. There are far less website owners who are committed to print cards to promote their online business.

good one but why you ripped your signature links? :slight_smile:

nice attempt, but we can add lot more to this.
social networking, seo… are some major marketing methods.

All post are very helpful here… Quality contents, Backlinks, Social Media Networking and Social Bookmarking works well for me.

It’s interesting advice. It seems as though marketing online to a global audience would be far more effective than tapping the local market with newspaper and classified ads, business cards, etc. On the other hand, the reach of the global audience comes with a price… a boatload of fierce competition. How many of your neighbors, friends, and people in your town have googled for a site similar to yours, but if you weren’t #1, 2, or sometimes even 3… they never even saw you. Many local businesses thrive and do very well off of local clientelle, and maybe our internet businesses could too…

well that’s just me, thinking out loud.

These are great marketing ideas, yet NOT all of them can be implemented successfully for every single business model, product or service.

One thing I have to add is that if you want to be taken seriously DO NOT cheat. I noticed that your post was edited for placing a fake signature and a moderator had to remove it. Take your business seriously, take the time and business of others seriously and you will be respected and be successful!

Offline marketing is effective but NOT for a lot of websites and virtual products. Internet Marketers won’t go looking for business offline… At least not for the most part.