Need some ideas for Local internet Marketing?

Hi everybody, i am Alex and i want some ideas for local internet marketing of my products.

Get your website in google local listings, then anybody close to your location searching for your kind of products or services will see u in local listings :slight_smile:

Hi Alex, local internet marketing. That is a hard question to answer, can you provide some more info? What sort of products are you selling?

Do Audience Group Analysis, on the various audience groups that frequently visit your site. Identify the objective and minimum objective of each audience group.Do word of mouth marketing for your business.

You should look for your potential buyers and go where they always hang out online. You can also ask your friends to help you advertise your products. There are times when your friends will be the ones who will be able to spread word out in a more effective way. Oh, and have a website for it. About what you can do so that your website will be visible, you can search this forum for some SEO techniques.

ideas for Local internet Marketing
do sum activities for Local internet Marketing .
>Use Google’s, Yahoo’s and MSN’s(that’s the Moreover ping server which will ping MSN) sitemap services. Not only that it will provide you with invaluable server and website data, but it will get your pages in their index faster.

If you’re disappointed that some of the replies are kinda vague, that might be because you haven’t given us much to go on in your question. What line of business are you in? Where in the world are you? What have you tried already? Without that kind of information, we’re just shooting in the dark.