How to target local business


Online marketing is that kind of strategy which can gives good position and from my opinion attract local business is the best option. But i want to know how it could be done.

If you really target on local business then do local listing, local directory submission and target local city for example if your target is Honolulu then you keywords must be “software company in Honolulu” if your company is related to software company. It’s really helpful for you, just try it.

Read a great blog post on this topic - it might be a good resource to answer your question on local web marketing.

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A big question, briefly there are two strategies to be used in parralal,

a) Social media
b) SEO

both go side by side, if you want to learn seo, google it or go to SEO counts social media usage.
Both require good knowledge of usage in order to win. :slight_smile:

PUT your site in local directories…classified in local

OK, so the majority of answers here so far haven’t been very good. But then, nor was the question. In order to answer your question properly, you need to give us the following information.

  1. What areas you want to target
  2. What it is your website does
  3. What your website CMS is

Realistically if you’re looking to target “London” as a localised search then you can go in all the local directories you want and it won’t make any difference.

Local SEO Is Important Strategy for local business owners. Add your Primary keywords in Title along with city name and Brand name to increase the business visibility. Verify Your Listing properly. Get your business placed in local business directories and add reviews from users. Use your target city name as anchor text wen you build links.

Is it enough to promote local site with local directories or we have to choose few more strong strategy?

Many online advertising services offer targeted marketing opportunities. There are two primary ways to do this: targeted ad services, and advertising in targeted publications. Targeted ad services, like AdSense, operate on the same keyword principles as SEO. This means that when a potential client types certain keywords into a search engine, ads that match those keywords appear as part of the search results page. The other option is to advertise in specific publications. Many cities and neighborhoods have news publications that provide information about the local economy and business activity. Other options might include a Chamber of Commerce digital business listing or a “Buy Local” business association.

If you would like to target local business then the best way to promote business by doing local marketing through PPC ads campaign, local business directory submission, local classified ads submission etc.

If you wan to target local business the do some local business listings. Yuo can also promote your site on social media i.r facebook and twitter etc. It will help you a lot.

In order to target local business, it is essential to have a goal first.
Have your keywords in place and what you think your viewers or target audience will be.
Then, proceed to the local area where you want your business to flourish.

You have to tell us a bit more about the business you are trying to promote.

Also… Consider setting up a PPC campaign in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Set up your campaigns only for the area you are interested in.

Select the keyword at first that you want to business. Then use Google Adword tool.

Tips: select your location in Google Adword tool then search you will get the result.

When link building make sure you include “keyword +location” and variants.

Do a geographical or local SEO. There many ways to do this but first you need to be specific to what place you like to do business in. An example is keyword + place (e.g. Pineapple Detroit). Then build links on third party sites that targets that area (in this case, Detroit online classified ads).

Select your Keywords which target particulae City i.e. San francisco. and apply to your Website. Then after do Local Listing, add to Local Directories these kind of activities So you may get good Result in Local Ranking.

Exactly. I do Income taxes for locals. MY key anchor text phrases are Income Tax (city I live) and (City I live) Income Tax. I leave back links for my directory listing too. I am also added locals as friends to my Facebook page to share tax articles etc.

Usually someone have a small specific area of service is using local SEO. Citations (Google places, Yelp etc) will help you to be on top of local searches. Also you can use location in the title tag of landing pages and geo tags for this purpose.

Classified is a best thing for local marketing…