Article Writting for SEO

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Article marketing is very impotent for SEO.
What should I take care if I write a content or article for SEO purpose ?

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If you want to write article for seo purpose, the first think you should focus on is keyword. At first you have to determine your keyword i mean the word which you want your visitor will type in search engin to get your article and then place those in your article carefully. But don’t use it too much. Oh don’t forget to use keyword in title. Thanks

(1) Research your subject well, and be specific.
'2)Choose simple language, don’t ramble or repeat yourself.
(3)Focus on the message you wish to portray, avoid overwriting.
(4)Use short sentences and paragraphs, use bullet points, our brain registers information better when it’s in chunks.
(5) Don’t “stuff” your keywords, write for your readers, not the “spiders”
(6)Edit, delete unecessary words, eg very, and, it etc.
(7) Quality is important, also show your personality, be entertaing as well as informative.

Absolutely! The internet is cluttered with junk content. If you really want to stand out from your competitors, you’ll offer something of value. Otherwise, you’re going to be heaped in with all of the other garbage out there.

Go see for yourself… Head to any article directory, and take a look around. Most of the articles are awful!

Above all else, you need to be knowledgeable and interested in what you’re writing. If you’re not, your readers will see right through you, and they’ll stop reading.

I agree with everyone else who basically stated that while you are trying to write SEO articles, it is best to write for the reader. What I do before writing an article is come up with an article title and then a keyword phrase (they should be related to each other in some way). Then, I write the article for the reader. If I happen to include that keyword phrase in the article, great! I go back through and bold the phrase to see how many times it appeared in the article. If only three times, I reread the article to myself and add in the keyword phrase when possible without making it sound like I am keyword stuffing.

Getting good traffic via the search engines is important but it doesn’t mean much if site visitors can’t stand to read your content because they won’t come back.

They always say that content is a king and if you have created a good quality content it can attract people to visit your site from time to time. At the same time good content in your site can produce a good reputation.

Content is the King, you should be focusing on quality of the contents, the tricky part is you have to write to the crawlers to crawl your contents well and you have to write for the humans to retain the customers. So be careful , chose the best writing services that you can afford to have.

First Keep In Your Mind That your are writing something,it is your own,it is not copy right,then you can submit your article,…


SEO in other sense is fooling the search engines. Build as many blogs, write and rewrite as many, post them, submit to articles directories, build backlinks. spin the articles and follow the above steps again. - Unfortunately, this is the trend today which is being followed by many SEO companies.

As long as you write to people and not search engines you’ll be ok. Remember, the search engines want to deliver to you what people are looking for. So if your article is crap and doesn’t read well they won’t show your results.

Read it yourself and make sure it makes sense. Also let someone else read it just to be sure.

You really need to look up “impotent” in the dictionary.

keyword density and relevance are the two most important factors because you basically want to keep the search engines happy, but also the readers

Write neat and simple, do not stuff keywords. Write in inviting manner. Make sure you do your cross linking as well

Very well said mate. Based on my experience, Keyword density is a big factor in article writing. If properly done, it will be the best tactic to get higher rankings. :eye:

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Thnx friends for your very impotent advice.

writing an article for SEO purposes is an oxymoron

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Ensure that you read the terms of conditions designed by each article directory. This is the first thing you need to understand after you get to know how to write compelling article or articles that index faster or get back-links to your web-page with SEO suggestions.

writing a article for SEO,most importantly,you should not let SE think you intentionally do it.and your content is not copy other sites utterly.must have yourself words.

When writing for SEO you need to consider where you are going to distribute your articles as well. For a company selling car parts they would not want to distribute there articles on cooking blogs.

Write like your writing for a newspaper. Peak your potential customers with questions and answers. People do not like to ask questions because they do not want to feel stupid. So if you can think of questions that your customers may ask and answer them it will help the customer understand.