How to write content for website?


how we should write content for any website, if you want to do seo for this website then how it should be, how many keywords we should use in content and how many times same keywords should be repeat? please share with me your suggestions.

This is really an SEO question, so make sure to read up on the basics of SEO. This sort of thing is covered extensively on the web. Here’s a good intro thread in this forum:

Do a research before you write something, then write it down for people, not for search engine. Don’t too focus on keywords, just put 1-2 of them in your writings. When you write good stuff, people will like it and automatically it will give traffic to your site.

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Hi Barry, welcome to the forum.

Keywords should not be your main concern these days when it comes to creating content online. As long as they are in the page title and mentioned a couple of times in the article itself, you should do fine.

You should write naturally and with readers in mind. When you write naturally, you will tend to include collocation keywords as well as the variation to the keywords that you are trying to target. Writing with your readers in mind means writing in short paragraphs, have proper headings (H tags) and write sentences in a readable manner.

thanks friends for all the suggestion, just i wanted to make sure if it will work or not, co i have bought already some domains.

Search a lot of thing about your topic and understand what is it then write down some thing very effective about your product and services and do not copy it from another site.

Successful webcontent almost completely ignores keywords these days. Google, and therefore other searchengines that sooner or later emulate Google styles, is getting better at emulation human behaviour i.e. their algorithms get better at coming up with the best matches the answer to your question.
As a result, whatever trick works today to artificially improver your ranking, will be obsolete tomorrow or even punished.

This day and age, the best thing to do for longterm high ranking, is to forget completely about how to rank, and concentrate on serving your readers with top quality information, and present that information in such a way that it is easily accessible.

As far as keyword optimisation is concerned, the only thing you really should do, is keeping them clean for each page. In other words: if you are writing content for a formula 1 site, keep the page about Renault about Renault, the one for Honda about Honda, and do not write about Monza on the same page as Hockenheim.

The one thing too many people lose sight of, is that even if you found the perfect combination of keyword stuffing, text manipulation and what have you that resulted in your site coming up #1, if the content is irrelevant, you will generate no repeat visits, no organic promotion (word of mouth advertising of your site and/or product) and no sales.
Ranking in the top of serps is a means to an end, it is NOT a goal in and of itself.

It is said that create a content not for search engine but for your human visitors, talked as if you are dealing with the real person selling or talking about your products or services.

All you need to do is structure your content as per the product/service your website is about. Build an effective content architecture so that users can easily navigate through your pages and search relevant content. Secondly, do not think much about keyword density and proximity. As long as your content flawlessly glues your visitors to your page, everything is fine. I would suggest that you keep the keyword density in between 2 to 4% in case you are hell bent on designing content based on keyword density.

There is no particular method to write the content but yes you are doing SEO then you must have to write content related to search engine’s rules or algorithm which does not consider your content as a spamming. So, before write content review the algorithm or rules of search engine so that you can get idea that how to write the content.