Article Writting for SEO

i once read “how to make your website content sell”, it really is great guideline for online copy-writers.

One rule it tells you is “Write about your unique experience using been there tone”

Then you can consider some seo after you finish your work.

Above all else, SEO articles are supposed to inform readers, not give them a sales pitch. The only place you should be promoting yourself is in your resource box. Give them information that they need, then let them visit your site for the hard sell if they’re interested.

A great SEO article will be compelling and well-researched, and it will leave the reader feeling satisfied that they learned something new.

  • Make sure your html is appropriately formatted with headings.
  • Use bullet points or numbered lists instead of long sentences.
  • Concentrate on one keyword phrase (the topic of your article), but don’t over use it.
  • Write the article for the reader, not the search engines. Bots can’t read, but they can recognize keyword stuffing when they run across it.
  • Use the title attribute with your text links to let the reader know where they are going before they get there. For instance, if you link to a pdf, put it in the title attribute. If you link to an exterior site, put it into the title attribute.
  • Give credit where credit is due. It builds credibility for your article and is a good way to snag some links from other sites.

impotent for SEO.


What should I take care if I write a content or article for SEO purpose ?

Take care to go to the SEO section of this forum.