How i can write an article


I m a SEO person and now i want to write article for my site is there any idea about that field. wish a very happy new year

Yes. The idea is, if you don’t have a lot to say about the chosen field yourself – then get out.

Lol thats kinda rude… Anyways, you can write on improving listings, optimizing individual pages…

Its a suggestion or advice.i am asking about writing techniques and you are saying get out what’s wrong

About SEO, you can right about the latest methods of SEO.

The best way to get started is go back and find all your forum posts on all boards that you’ve written on the subject. They are yours copyright and everything. If this is your field you should be able to grab 10 or more posts and turn them into articles. If you can’t find ten then you need to get more involved in the discussion. GL

To be able to write articles you need to make sure that you have ample knowledge about the your subject. You need to read some tips on how to write effectively and most importantly you must have a thing on writing articles.

Signup with some forum especially on SEO forum. Do some research and start writing. But remember that writing is not as easy as they sound.

just search on the google that how to write article and read them carefully.its not an easy job to do dude…
so best of luck for this.

For article writing we need to gain proper knowledge on the topic we want to write, then we can also make some good improvement in that we have learn and present it in our words. In this way, the article is getting more interesting.

Write about what you know and exercise a diligent effort.

Since you’re a SEO specialist, I’d advise you to get started with writing articles on SEO initially. Slowly, when you get the hang of writing, you can explore other topics too.

Well, you just start . the hard part is posting yoru blog on other social sites. if you can integrate your siet with facebook, joomla, blogger etc, you haev a better chance of having more people follow you. good luck

You can write anything about SEO ,how are you optimizing your blog or any other things about SEO

Writing an article is pretty easy to do and a great way to get your links out to the digital world. You can write a higher quantity of pieces on one subject with a slight variance in coverage through article writing/syndicating. A for topics, I’d recommend setting up a Google Reader filled with SEO related blogs and see what the hot topics are amongst the SEO community. Then write about your take on the matter.

Hi Ravi,

Absolutely… there are huge number of ideas for writing down the SEO topics and thus you can write about this topic by referring to some of the documents in SEO and then pen down your own views about SEO.

Start writing blog on blogger and wordpress.
Content should be relevant with your title.
And more things to keep in mind like keyword proximity,density etc.

You must think first on the field of your topic. Gather information and data before writing a blog. In that way, it was very easy to write contents or articles because your steps in writing are well organized.

In order for you to write an article you should know the subject first, you can brain storm and jot down then choose and review,
if you are an SEO then your keyword is “SEO” then you should think of any kind of topic you would like to regarding the word SEO.
brainstorm, choose the appropriate topic that make sense in order the readers will stay longer in your site…

Hope it helps.


if you are new in the particular field that you are pormoting and want to write content then you should gain sufficient knowledge about that topic. After reading and having knowledge you will be able to write articles.

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