Help in Writing content

hey guys em creating a website regarding Internet marketing help me is writing good content.

if you are an expert in internet marketing, you should not need any help in writing your content

if you aren’t, then perhaps you should create a website about something else

i’m just sayin


em just enter into this field you can call me internee.

If you’re just entering the field then you probably shouldn’t be starting a website on the topic.

You can hire some freelance writers to write your articles.

And having no background in the topic and with English as a second language he’ll have no clue if the articles are any good or not.

If you are not well versed in a topic, PLEASE do not create a website about it to try and make money. You’re just wasting your time and the time of any poor soul who should happen to find your site based on some obscure five word long tail keyword.

As others have already pointed out, if you do not have any knowledge on the topic you are creating your website around, you’ll most probably end up buying content rather than producing it on your own.

In my personal opinion, you should rather search for a SEO who can write great content which is at the same time, optimized as well. This will help you make your website a great success. Good luck!

It will be difficult writing great content with minimal experience, at this point I suggest learning first. A website like this is a good place to start.

I agree with with you ‘BagAWriter’ but even if you learn and you do not have skills to rearrange the content, still it is useless. Isn’t it?

content arrangement can also be learned. : )

However, I have to agree with what everyone is saying here. Don’t push it too hard. There are literally a LOT of things you need to learn and be very familiar about first before engaging in such a topic. Perhaps, there are other things/topics you can write about instead of “internet marketing.”

Yeah, wardcosbyson, you’re absolutely right. So, what are you going to write about then? :slight_smile:

Internet marketing is a very diverse field i would advise you to write content on most of the sub-branches of field. Now they are SEO(on page activities and off page activities),
Social media optimization, Link building techniques, forums, blogs, articles, directory submission, press release, classified ads are a few topics on which you can write content.

… regarding SEO, SEM, Sales Strategy, Sales Courtesy.
but whatever, your topic is so popular that it’s hard to promote
BTW, in a sense, domain name is not some important, the importance is the way the strategy for how to promote your site.

dear oh dear :nono: