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If I wrote an article for my website can i also use the same article and post it on my blog? Or is it considered as spam if i did that?

First, I ask why do you want to re post it. It seem you are welcoming you’re site into a duplicate content. why instead copying it, just to refer that page you write into your website into your blog.
I suggest to read this in handling duplicate content.


I agree, you should avoid posting the same article if possible. This could potentially ruin your SEO and hurt your article. There is a way to make it so that the new article doesnt get indexed but if anything you should either rewrite the article or add onto your old one.

Dont delete your old article if its useful and getting views.

No, it’s not considered Spam. What it is considered is duplicate content, as @vamert says.

Google is unlikely to return two identical articles in search results, preferring to give the person searching the best possible range of results. So if you have the same article in two places, they are effectively competing against each other to appear in results. Unless you use one of the techniques already suggested to tell Google which one you want indexed, you will have no control over which appears.

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It would be considered as duplicate content. It will not give any value to your blog in terms of Google ranking is concern. It’s better to write a fresh article for your blog instead of reposting any pre-posted article.

You should not do that. It will be a duplicate content. You have to write fresh content for your blog. You can not copy others contents.