Same article in 25 blogs


Will it affect if I post one article about my site products and other things in blogspot and then go on posting that same article in other 25 blogs?

Will it be considered spam?

Will it affect my site in anyway?

Please anyone can reply. Thanks in advance.

Have you heard of duplicate content?

If you were in charge of what goes into Google’s (or any othe serach engine’s) database, would you include 25 exact copies of the same thing?

Clue: the search engines try to filter out duplicate content.

i think must do recompose article in every blog and try to makes a different keyword …
it’s effective to do that, so google can’t look as duplicant content or called is spam …


It will NOT be considered spam.

This is a general myth that is very persistent on webmaster forums!

Consider when a big story breaks in the news from Reuters or some other media. That article then get published by thousands of other websites within minutes. Spam? Of course not!

Google does not penalize duplicate content unless it is on the same website. You may or may not be sandboxed for growing backlinks to quickly, but that is another one that the jury is out on.

You can solve all this by using spinning software to give some uniqueness to those articles if they are only for backlink building.

yes it can be considered spam if you are using the article to promote your spam links only.

Google doesn’t penalise duplicate content at all. It’s not a penalty. Duplicate content simply gets filtered out so that searchers don’t get swamped by the exact same article repeated multiple times.

And Google tries to filter out duplicate content regardless of what site it’s on. It’s not restricted to duplicate content on the same site.

Giving users more crap to wade through so that they waste more of their valuable time. Great idea.

It will be considered as duplicate content…and google may penalize it…