Help me to blog posting?

Suppose, i’m creating a blog and post it and it give good response. so, i’m deciding to crease website and post this blog on my website.
So, this blog consider as a copy content or not?

That’s a rather strange question, @jigneshpardeshi.

If you post an article on your website which has already been published elsewhere, then it can’t be regarded as original content. As the blog post came first, it’s likely to be the one which is favoured by search engines in results. However, you won’t be penalised in any way for re-publishing your own article on your site; you would just lose any SEO benefit from it.


If i’m posting 1 article on both blogger and wordpress. so it will be concider as a duplicate content.?

I don’t know what you mean by “will be concider as a duplicate content.?”

If you post the same article in two places, then it is duplicate content. That’s what the phrase means. Ideally, you want purely unique content on your site (and spinning an existing article is not enough to make it unique), but there may be circumstances in which you want to repost an article. Provided your site does not consist solely of copied articles, you should be OK.

It’s hard to say what exactly Google considers duplicate content, because their assessment doesn’t always match our assessment of “duplicate content”. Would be better if you could somehow redirect the new link to go to the original post and retain your SEO momentum there.

Don’t know exactly but if you put your WordPress article on blogger site then it is not necessary that it will be consider as duplicate content because this method is also used for Web 2.0 method to building links. So you may not be penalized by Google. But for better results you should post unique content on your site.

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It’s not very clear what you’re sayinghere.

If you publish the same article in more than one place, then that is duplicate content; one article is a duplicate of the other. Now, depending on how it’s done, search engines may not penalise the second site for having duplicate content, but it’s likely they will simply ignore one version when returning search results. After all, what use is it to the person searching to get multiple results pointing to the exact same article?

Please could you explain what you mean by this, as I don’t understand it.

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