Need advice regarding Content Publication

I am looking for an advice over content publication. I have some very good articles on my website, but I want to publish those articles on some other websites which are related to my niche and are having more traffic than my website, (looking for increasing traffic on my website, by publishing content) of-course those articles will be linked back to my website, but what will happen if those articles will get crawled first on the others website first.

I guess Google will consider that as a duplicate content, but as these articles are linked back to my website so what exactly will be the side effect for my website. Article will have same content on both the websites.

2nd case) If content is first crawled on my website and then I am publish the same content on other website, with linking back to me.

Thanks in advance.

If your articles get read on other sites and readers like them I imagine some will go to your site to read other articles. All good there.

So what about the “duplicate content” issue? IMHO the easiest thing to do is publish the article first on your site, wait until it gets indexed, then publish it elsewhere so your site will have a better chance of coming up in the SERPs instead of the others.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with writing a unique article for another site either. It could still bring your site traffic.

Is there any other Article sites that do the same?

There’s this blog – Emerging SEO. Being SEO experts, they’d surely know.

'cause otherwise …awkward.

The SEO forum is here.

I guess you guys didn’t understand my question properly…

Ezine articles does exactly what you are looking for. However, I would suggest you offer to write for another blog as a guest author.

I really don’t think that duplicate matters. though on my experience when I submit articles the contents are somehow the same though edited. Like they are rephrased but the thoughts are the same.

All you need is an article submitter that’ll submit your articles to multiple directories at once. Only thing is, your articles must be unique in submitting to each one. Look up Brad Callen Article Submitter and hopefully that’ll work!