Analytics Goal Funnel Question

Im not sure if this is appropriate to ask in here… I asked it over a week ago in the Google forums but no one ever seems to answer any questions in there.

My site uses authorize.ent to process credit cards on a secure site… So basically a visitor can buy teh item on my site, but when they are ready to submit their order, they get taken to authorize,net secure site https. then after they submit their credit card, they get rerouted back to my sites “thank you” page.

I set up a goal and a funnel… I set the goal as the thank you pagel…
but looking at the funnel, it never shows a goal… it always shows the visitor as leaving on the last step…

is this because they are moving over to a secure page? and that interupts the funnel sequence?

if so, how is the appropriate way to track goals?

No, it’s not because they left your site


  1. They’re not clicking the button/link to return to your site after purchasing

  2. You didn’t place the GA code on your thank-you page correctly

  3. You didn’t set the URL/regex to match the final page URL correctly in the goal setup

ok , I went back and pasted the code in again (replacing the old code).
The final page is just a simple name, /thankyou.php
and i ran a test transaction myself. so i guess i’ll see tomorrow if it works.

one thing to note is that i have the adword conversion code on the same thank you page as the analytics tracking code. Im assuming that wouldnt be an issue, but just stating that just in case…
The order is : Adword Conversion; analytics code; then the close body tag.

thanks for your reply.

Running adwords and Analytics code on same page has never caused me a problem so I don’t think thats it.

I’d say more likely some issue with the thank you page. Is the thankyou.php all that it comes back to or does it get varaibles added to it after the .php? as that might be causing an issue…

Thanks for your reply. No there are no variables. And its odd because I just can not get this to work… When I put the code onto a page that comes BEFORE the visitor gets sent to (for credit card processing) the conversion is tracked… I just dont want to do that way though because that would not be proof of payment, they may exit at that last step… but when i put it on the thank you page, Its not counting it as a conversion…

(1) Google Analytics counts it as a goal, but the funnel doesnt ever show it as completing the funnel… always shows “exit”
(2) and adwords conversion just doesnt register at all…

Does anyone have a similar scenereo where you send visitor to another site for credit card processing? how do you track conversions if so?

Quick update (or discovery).
Im not sure if this could be the reason, but the spry widget bar script right above the adwords conversion script was missing its closing tag </script>…
not sure if that would cause an issue with the google scripts, but in any case, i will wait another 24 hours to see if that was the cause. lol.

Just a thought and Dan already indicated this in one of his bullet points… some payment systems have their own confirmation page (i.e. at in your case) but then a button to return to sellers website (I notice paypal transactions do this quite alot for example). If the buyer feels the transaction is confirmed and closes the window at this point they may never reach your thankyou page and so the analytics code isnt activated. Bit of a shot in the dark but might be worth running through a dummy transaction yourself and at each page think about if theres a hole people could be leaving through before they hit your thankyou page even though the transaction has actually been successful.

I see your point,
but after the visitor pays, they are required to fill out a listing form… and even if they dont do it that day, they still have to eventually or I can not list them… and that forms page is actually my thank you page where my code is…

example: after they click submit payment on, there is a BIG button that says “LETS GET STARTED”… that button links back to my sites ‘forms.php’… and thats where I say thank you etc… and let them pick their county … and thats where the conversion code is (on forms.php)…

Ive received all my recent customers listing forms, which means they went to forms.php… If by chance i didnt receive someones forms, then I would send them an intro letter which has the link to forms.php so they can fill it out… so they will hit that page eventually…

GA is stupid. It does not understand that is a part of the plan. It thinks your customer really left your site, and then came back again. It counts the last page as another visit. So you can’t even know where your revenue-bringing customers are coming from, because GA will show you they all come from which is true but stupid.

If allows you to place your own code to its pages, place special GA code there and on the previous page.

That thing is killing me, I need a pure PHP tracker for this. Anyone knows?