No thank you page for google goals


I am currently working on monitoring a friends site using Google analytics. I created a goal for the contact page and then I came across a problem. Their is no seperate thank you page. It is written in php and when the form is sent it changes the text on the same (contact page) to say thank you.

This leaves me with the problem of not being able to track when a form is actually submitted.

Is there any way around this?



I guess not then?


This is a common issue that does not get a lot of coverage.

Basically, you have to find the last trackable action and adjust your tracking strategy to accommodate this.

I’m assuming it’s an ecommerce site. In this case, you’ll want to look into event tracking and tracking outbound links as it’s probably a third party shopping cart, correct?

Thats the point really its not ecommerce.

So the only thing I can do i guess is get the developer guys change the script and add another page.:frowning:

Oh, so it’s just that you want to monitor contact form submissions?

That’s going to be a lot easier to revise vs. a shopping cart checkout.

I’m guessing the contact form is a script then? Does it do anything after you submit the form?

yes the page is called contact_form. When the submit button on the form is clicked it brings up a thank you ! But the page is still contact_form.

I just thought there wes a devious a way round this with gooogle anlytics without changing the page script and creating a seperate page

You can do the on_click action for the “submit” button with event tracking. Or else, get a new contact form.

Ah! The on click action action. But how would you put into google analytics so it responds to this event? As fas I can see it only recognises url or the time on site or pages per visit?

It’s not that difficult, see the event tracking install guide:

If you have the newer version of Analytics instealed (Asynch), then you can just set it up through analytics and post the code on the last trackable action (Submit button.jpg).

cass27: I was trying to set up something similar and found this official Google response helpful:

Didn’t actually do it b/c I made some changes to my site - but seems like an easy insert.

thanks for all your help with this. i knew there must be a way.