Google Analytics Help Needed. Please Advice

Hello Experts,

My name is Arun Kumar. Actually, I am working on an eCommerce website and integrated Google Analytic into a website. Now, I have setup a goal with funnel but it is showing very limited information like no. of visitors, goal completion etc. But I need more information.

My questions are:

1)I want to add custom fields in Goals.(You can see this section by Login into Google Analytic => Conversions=> Goal flow=>Add segment) Is it possible to add custom fields?If yes, Please how? You can see the attached image.

  1. How do we track ā€œ 1. Pages are performing with an acceptable conversion rate, or whether there is a bottleneck page where many customers are dropping off.ā€ Is it possible?

  2. Using the goals and funnels, can we track which referring site is producing the goals, e.g. Google PPC is referring ā€˜xā€™ goals ?

I am really looking forward for your advice. Thank you in advance!!

You might benefit from this new book by SitePoint: Researching UX: Analytics. It really digs into this stuff and answers a lot of questions like this. :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing eBook reference. Seems it is a paid book. Iā€™d really appreciate if you can share any other reference which is free.

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