Goal funnel not tracking

Good Morning from sunny wetherby UK :slight_smile:

On this page - www.innoviafilms.com/Contact.aspx

Iā€™m trying to set up a goaol funnel to measure conversions to this page:

But its not working and the goal is constantly scorring zero :frowning: Here is how a set it up:

As the screen grab illustrates Ive used exact match enetering this as the goal page - /Contact/Thankyou-confirmation.aspx

I am totally confused why the goal is not working and yes Ive Ive filled the foem out many times so it should be counting the number of thank you conf pages.

Any insights welcome (Head match doesnt seam right in this case)

Sometimes it can take a few hours before the data shows up, so I would wait a day and if you still are not seeing the data then there is probably something wrong with the setup.