Does anyone know anything about Just had a client ask:

“Just wondering if you know about this site, and what you think about
I was just on there…checking out stats for the blog.”

Do you use it? Do you think it’s worth it? Helpful?

Client also said she saw competitor’s stats on there.


I wouldn’t trust the sale of my website to the kind of insane person who would base their valuation on inaccurate and easy to scam information.

Sounds like there’s a lot of fraudsters out there giving fake evaluations on the quality or value of a website. :slight_smile:

alexa rank is a very important measurement when you want sell your website because lots of people count on it to calculate a website value

having a good alexa rank is important if you are a blogger or something like that. local businesses will obviously have very low alexa ranks nationally…but its good for seeing what keywords drive the most traffic etc.

Alexa Rank is a relative measurement on how popular a web site among the Internet community. Alexa is relative because it depends on the data of Alexa Toolbar users. And also Alexa Toolbar is only for Internet Explorer which means it doesn’t count growing group of Firefox fans or any other browser users. But there are over 10 million Alexa Toolbar users who make it a recognized measurement. Alexa orders web sites according to Alexa Traffic they get. That means a site with a rank of 1000 gets more traffic than a site with rank of 1001 according to Alexa, of course.

Alexa is a useful website which help you find the ranking of different website.

The informations from Alexa are quite good. Also, can be manipulated for small sites.

You also have to keep in mind the alexa pulls its data from those individuals that have the alexa toolbar installed on the browser - so not a large sample size.

Although data isn’t accurate, Alexa is a great way to benchmark your competitor’s traffic and see trends in it. I recently wrote a detailed post on how to use Alexa:

It can be helpful I guess (if you want independent statistics on a minority cohort of your audience) but I agree that in most cases it’s not something to spend much time or money worrying about, just use it for what it is: a very subjective number that has little value beyond personal opinion of popularity. :slight_smile:

Alexa traffic stats are useful, but don’t care them seriously, because they are easy to be manipulated.

It is a rough reference to compare websites’ traffic. However, it is not very accurate as it only depend on the web usage of Alexa toolbar users.

Alexa is good for one thing, you can type in a really popular site, Alexa will then show you how much traffic it gets and every site that LINKS to that site.