Other Sites like Alexa?

Could someone here tell me what other sites like Alexa that can give us the estimated traffic for a site? I know Alexa is not very accurate but it’s better than nothing, so please is there another one instead of Alexa?

Probably, this will help:


Yes alexa is not accurate but others are worse.

Is it?

Alexa can be misleadingly wrong. One site might be ranked as 150, another as 15000, yet the second site actually gets more traffic. That kind of thing happens with Alexa all the time.

I have always wonders why many websites, some seemingly good one, could take pride on scoring good alexa ranking. Even sitepoint makes it a point to display it so proudly on the top of the page. When only a limited number of people actually have alexa tool bar set up on their browser, how can one ever trust the alexa rank. Yet people keep making noise about it- how alexa rank of ‘****.com’ overtook that of slashdot. I mean is that really important?

Come on guys, you tell me how am i supposed to write, well, ddigg.com ( remove the first d from the url)

hahaha i just tried http://www.trafficestimate.com/ and they have to be worse than Alexa…from their estimate compared to my AWstats report they are off by over 9000 visitors and I am only counting unique’s

I don’t love the fact that Sitepoint shows it, but it does make more sense to have it on a webmaster-centric site than any other. Most people with Alexa installed are Webmasters trying to see how their site does (or increase their score).

If your Alexa rank is very low, it’s still an accomplishment. But for the most part, not worth considering.

I kind of compare alexa rankings to the neilson (sp?) television ratings. Only a handful of televison watchers are used to calculate this number, however, it is a highly regarded figure. Why? Because, like alexa, it is all we got! :lol:

yes as i said in my other post make good article on your site and put in digger.com or submit to big article directorys u will sure get huge traffic

Some markets are metered however it costs millions to meter so most smaller markets have to stick to the surveys.

however, it is a highly regarded figure. Why? Because, like alexa, it is all we got!

That’s true. I suppose

From my experience, it is somewhat accurate. Before I started promoting my site this past January, my alexa ranking was about 1.5 million. Since then my traffic has increased and my ranking is now around 385K. I don’t have the alexa toolbar installed on my site. If nothing else the increase in traffic was reflected in my rankings. I think the toolbar would be much more accurate if webmaster’s of a particular site could not artificially increase their rankings by installing the toolbar. Somehow, webmaster’s visits should not count towards their own sites rankings. But, I don’t think there is anyway to do that. That is the problem.

I believed one could install alexa tool bar only on their browser.

oops, that is what I meant. :slight_smile:

oops, that is what I meant

I understand.

Each of these sites gave an estimate of about 8% of one of my site’s traffic… There’s really no such thing, at this point in time, of a service that can remotely be accurate of guesstimation of traffic. Alexa follows drops and spikes in traffic for large sites.

If yes can you post they’re link and explain as to why you prefer them to others in the field.

I’ve used compete.com and it’s very useful and accurate… However it’s not completely free (monthly subscription required)… But I would strongly recommend it…

Just get half a dozen of your friends to install the Alexa toolbar and visit your site a few times a day each. That will get you a really high Alexa ranking without needing to get many real visitors at all. That’s what most of the mid-range sites do to get their Alexa rankings. The Alexa stats are only really significant if you are in the top 1000 sites and then it doesn’t necessarily report your exact ranking any closer than to the nearest few hundred spots.