Should i called website rank good or not by Alexa rank?

Couple of years ago, both Page rank and Alexa rank of website was shown. But now it’s not show page rank. So my question is that Alexa rank helps me to measure my website ranking?
Suppose my website Alexa rank is up, so website position is good or not?

The best way to see how your website ranks is to see where it appears in Google SERPs.


Do you have Alexa’s analytics installed on your site? If not, any information Alexa shows will only be estimated. Also bear in mind that even if you have their script installed, other sites do not, so stats comparing your ranking with other sites can at best be estimated.

It might give you a general idea of how your site is performing, but as @Gandalf says, the acid test is where your site actually appears in search results.

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No. I am using Alexa traffic rank extension for this.

Best way to do this is just type in the keyword you are trying to rank for and see what page it shows up on Google search

Thank you @Watr1
I am doing this.
But i find “Alexa traffic rank” was important or not?

Only you can answer that question. Is it important to you?

Alexa can get traffic information in one of two ways. If a site has Alexa’s analytics script installed, it can record traffic figures fairly accurately. However, as many sites do not have the script installed, comparative rankings cannot be considered accurate, as information about other sites is only estimated.

The other way Alexa gets data is by recording information from those using its toolbar, to see which sites they visit. This information is then used to estimate statistics, but as it’s not necessarily based on a truly representative sample - either of users or of sites - it’s hard to say how accurate it might be.

Only you can decide whether or not you think such information is of any value to you.

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Thank you @TechnoBear for continuously reply me and i love you explanation style.
Whenever i’m got the answer from your side, every time learnt something new.
Once again thank you so much.

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I use to go by Alexa as well. Go by Google Search. This for many of us is the best way to see results

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