Advice on Sub-Domain Blog

Hello there,

I have created a site which runs on wordpress. Its basically a Business Services Site.

Now I plan to open a blog on a sub-domain and use wordpress for that as well.

Should I have another wordpress installation for the sub-domain blog as well?

Please advice.


Is the new blog going to need to have the content separate, or can you open a new category on the existing blog? Really, I think the main focus should always be geared toward content people will desire to read. Then you just need to organize it in a way that is easy to follow.

Basically Its an Ecommerce Company - Easy Store Hosting

Now when we create a blog, it would basically mean latest trends // technologies or anything that can enhance shopping experience/merchant selling/ebay sellers etc… So Its going to be a continuous growing blog and we have thought of a separate domain, so that daily blogging does not get mixed with the on going business services part of the site.

So essentially We would have a link from the main site.

Yeah how we do whether as a separate total wordpress blog setup or using the same wordpress installation depends on people’s best practice and recommendation.