B2B Blog - Separate or with Business Website


We are a B2B focused company, in the international trade field. We are in the processing of setting up a blog and are trying to decide, whether we set-up the blog as a separate domain from our main business website or make it part of the website. Would love to know your opinions on the pros and cons of each approach.

Either way, we do want to to maintain a clear message that the blog is run by the company. However, I have noticed in case of B2B Businesses, the blog posts tend to get a bit more credibility when the blog is separate from a business website and the posts are not “directly” trying to promote the services of the business. Look forward to your thoughts on this.

I’d first look at this from a customers point of view, will blog posts on your main site be useful for finding information and achieving tasks?

Is the focus as the “company” blog, or just a vehicle to sell/promote your services?


The focus of the blog is to educate the customers, about how the industry works, with the aim of establishing the company as an expert in the field and eventually indirectly selling the services.

I would create a separate site with a link/tab that takes people from the main company site to the blog site (and vice versa for a tab directing from the blog to the main site). I’d probably include an RSS feed of some sort on the front page or bottom footer of your company site so people can see what the new blog posts are and have an easy way to click over to a post that might be of interest to them.

It’s six of one and half a dozen of the other!

I’d say just add it as a content section on your main site so you can easily cross link related content with your products/services etc.

If you wanted to keep some separation why not run it on a subdomain, eg blog.yoursite.com - as it’s on the same server you would still then have options to run the blog from the same content management system (if you use one).