Adding a blog to my non-wordpress site - separate or altogether?

My website is built on HTML5/CSS3 - with some PHP includes for templating, etc.

I want to add a blog to my site, but I don’t need a full blown Wordpress site. I was thinking of doing like a to access it.

Can you guys give me some pointers on best practices here? Should the blog look completely different than my main site? I’m going to show recent blog posts on my home page of the main site, and then when the users clicks on one of them it would take them to that blog at Should I install a very minimal looking WordPress them on the I’m not sure I want it to feel like a completely different site?

Just trying to figure out the best way of going about this?


It’s up to you. Some sites, like twitter, their blog layout is pretty different from their overall site. But some have it similar just to try and keep a theme between pages. As long as confusing the type of content isn’t an issue, I don’t think it matters.