Advice For a 22' Monitor

Hi Friends:)

I need to buy a new 22 inch monitor because my old one died. i really dont know which model to buy. i would love your advice:)

Thanks Friends!

Well dear there are lots of products available in the market which provides such screen . So , I think that you can go to the market and check the product according to the quality and budget amount.

Two manufacturers I trust are Dell and Hanns-G. Their monitors seems to last for many years.

There are many types of quality monitor are available but you can buy that one that attracts you and suitable with your P.C ,if you provide me the system information then i can give you good suggestion

I prefer Dell. Dell UltraSharp U2212HM is really a good one.

yes i am also using dell E228WFP it is very good i suggest u also buy it.

22" monitor is not necessary for working. So 17" model monitor is perfect for you.

i have U2212HM at work. Its on a cheap side but relatively good. I wouldnt advice it if you work with print though.

A 17" monitor isn’t necessary for working either, so why not go super cheap and get a 15" monitor?

Dell is the best choice!!


Regardless of brand, I’d make sure to get a monitor with an IPS panel (as opposed to TN).

I just bought a Samsung S22A350H 22" off ebay. HDMI. $100. I will let you know how she runs!

hp is best in sales and service.if u want me to select from your choice then I choose Acer. go ahead purchase your Acer .

Enough choice and good (I hope) advice for the OP.
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