What type of monitor do you use?

Quick Poll on what monitor you use ?

You need a third option for “I dunno”! :lol:

I have a 23" matte Apple Cinema Display (IPS technology).

1280px x 1024px with 32bit colour LCD

I didn’t think you can get CRT monitors anymore.

Need a fourth option for “Both” :slight_smile:

I should have included both. :slight_smile: I’m hoping for more votes, just a simple poll, to see the percentages.

LG 37" HDTV at 1920x1080.

There are very, very few folks on CRTs these days.

23" LCD at 1920x1080

I can’t remember the last time I had a CRT. Even my parents got rid of their last one a few years ago.

I use two monitors: Samsung S24A350H 24" and SAMSUNG SM943T 19" :wink:

37"? Oh, my neck hurts just reading that. When I was looking for a monitor five years ago, I was thinking of either getting the 30" ACD or the 23" and eventually opted for the latter as the 30" was too big for me.