Monitor for web design and develoment

Hi all,
I am about to get rid of my ASUS laptop (good riddance) and buy myself a normal PC.

Here is the question:
Computer monitor, which one you recommend? Model, LCD or LED and why.

Why am I asking? I have a monitor at work Samsung Syncmaster, and its colors are very disappointing, they are too warm and that distorts the designs I make on it, I tried setting it, but to no success.

I think a monitor should be:

  1. At least 20-21 inch.
  2. LCD or LED (I’d love some explanation here).
  3. NEUTRAL colors, suitable for design work.

Your advice is highly appreciated,
Thanx in advance :slight_smile:

I would recommend you the wide screen, because they are latest than the square ones, and due to this they came with good resolution. And also you can work on two windows side by side.


I can’t advise on make or model because although my screen was brand new when I bought it 2 years, 2 years cyber time is probably more like 100 years human time and things have probably changed greatly.

But what I can advise, is to consider whether you need a wide screen or a more squarish screen.

I have a squarish screen (1280 x 1024) on my desktop and that is what I prefer given I don’t watch any movies on my pc and use it mainly for website development, Photoshop, Microsoft Office. The width is plenty for what I need and the extra screen height means I don’t have to scroll down or compress dockable panels in applications like Photoshop and Netbeans.

Using Photoshop and Netbeans on my laptop, with its lower screen height (16:9 aspect ratio), can be a pain slightly at times because I either have to scroll down in some application panels to see the bottom of them or compress their height in the screen.

But if you’re going to watch a lot of movies/videos then a wide screen I suppose would be the better option.

So bottom line: consider what you will be viewing on the screen and then buy an appropriate one.

I prefer wide screen, because the working area is not cluttered, toolbars can be kept on sides, and you can work with 2 windows side by side.

The important thing is color, I am afraid of getting a monitor with bad colors so I don’t see designs in their real color.

You will probably have to calibrate your screen to get the correct colours

On my main workstation i have a 17" NEC MultiSynch lcd (set to a resolution of 1024x768 or 1280x1024, depending on what i work on) which is most used for writing, coding and browsing my hdd’s and local network - then i have a 24" BENQ HDMI Senseye+photo for design, browsing, video and music edit/mix/composing (set to a resolution of 1920x1080)

I love the 17", but for design, video and music i need a bigger one, and my 24" is just perfect for my kind of work - so i ordered a few more.

on the 17" i had to adjust colors manually, but the 24" had a lot of presets, and i found one that is neutral, which i use.

haven’t tried any LED monitors yet.

this setup works for me, but it really depends on your own need.

Monitor is not better for it because if monitor size is 20 or 23 give same resolution. LCD of 20inch is best because resolution of LCD is so fine,good and better.