Monitors, Oh Monitors

Hello guys, i’m thinking about buying a new monitor, because it’s hard working on a 13inch laptop, open multiple windows, always in a need to switch back previous window and go back again for explnations etc,
Do you guys have some advice for a cheap/quality 21inch monitors or above, i’m living in canada.

I have an Iiyama monitor which I’ve had for several years now and I’ve been very please with it. It wasn’t expensive, but is good quality for the money.

Any monitor nowadays is good enough for coding. I have a philips and a … well, some unknown brand. Both of them work perfectly and both were cheap. Well, at least what I call cheap. These are 24 inches.

@molona so i don’t need to care about the response times etc?

It really depends on what you do and you want it for. If you’ll be doing some gaming then it is important to look at response times, refresh rates and all that.

But if you’re simply coding, it is not that much important anymore. Most monitors are just fine and the differences are going to be minor. Repose times are mesuared in ms. Your eye is not going to see that unless you’re playing or doing a lot video.

For me, because I use Photoshop, the quality of the color is more important. And we are talking about monitors on a budget.

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