Recommendations on a 2nd monitor

Hi Peeps

I’ve just put in a order for a brand new imac desktop which comes witha 27"monitor, now even tho this is a huge high quality, I know from work experience the benefit of having a second monitor. Can anybody reccommend a good quality 2nd monitor to compliment my imac screen? And also where are the best (bargin) places to shop online/offline for 2nd screens that are good quality but cheap?

I know I have a 23" Hangseng and I’m quite happy with it. Now, I’m not sure if it should complement your iMac… My monitor is TFT so it may look a bit weird if compared with iMac brilliant colors :smiley:

Ideally when using two monitors they should be the same model - that way you will not have issues with different apearance of the same thing on each.

I also agree that ideally should be the same model. Moreover, you seem to have made a significant investment, so I wouldn’t go for a cheap alternative which would most likely cause you problems with compatibility, etc.

I know it is late now, but you should have tried asking for a better price for a second monitor.

YA i too agree that both monitors should be same as this gives look uniform and with compatibilty point of point of view you will not face any problem.My suggestion would be to buy the same model and with same colour too.

I was thinking the same thing, two 27inch imac screens would look lush side by side, however when I thought about it, how come so many other web designers get by very happily with a third party 21 or 24 inch monitor at a fraction of the price of a apple thundeerbolt screen? which cost £900

I do! In my case, I wanted to have a different monitor precisely to see the differences and how colors where affeted by it. I have a TFT along with my bright, crystal clear monitor :smiley:

And the second was way cheaper, of course :lol:

But does it looks good side by side???

No, not really. But it does comply with its goal: I can check if I’m choosing the right colors as I can see if they look too different. A monitor with a crystal, shiny screen will show the colors brighter which is nicer… but then it may be a bit too boring on a TFT monitor. Better to be sure :slight_smile:

Hanns-G monitors are good. So are Dell monitors, surprisingly (most of the display panels are made by Samsung). I’ve had Dell monitors last for 10 years and still work.

I agree with your point too.You want something which looks to create some change and also from using point of view.

I would recommend samsung. I have two of them and they are working fine without any issues.