Advertising on Facebook

I have spent a couple of hundred dollars advertising on facebook but with virtually no success. Maybe my expectations were too high being amazed with fine tuning options for target audience. At this time, I am just wondering if there are any success stories using Facebook ads.

It also depends on your product what you are selling, it could be that facebook is not the place to make advertising for your product

Last time we tried, it was the same. It seems just traffic, nothing else.

Many people have probably had success, but I would look at different methods to be honest

you spent but not in the right way. you gave penny to facebook. you should give it to a guy who works this job. a freelancer who will help you advertising in facebook. who will be responsible for marketing of your product.

Perhaps you are right. It is true that I am no expert on facebook ads but so far I still have not heard any success stories. Also, there are many large companies that have dropped advertising on facebook all together for example GM. Finally, Facebook is infested with automatic bots just wasting your advertising budget ( So what is the real value (and fake likes do not count) of facebook advertising?

I personally don’t think there is so much profit in facebook advertising. You better work with a freelancer. If e can do something for you. like spreading the updates of your facebook page or spreading the update of your company. this will helpp you.

there is fake likes. but you have to believe that there are many real likes also. these guys really like pages after becoming interested in those. so you can consider it a a good

Why “nofollow” links from twitter be treated any different? Do you have any proof?

There is no “No-Follow Links” in twitter. All are Do-Follow links…

This is simply NOT true. I checked and all external links in twitter are “nofollow”.

So, these things are changed after the latest update of GOOGLE. I am not sure about the latest update… I knew this before last update. Are you confirm ?

The results of these kinds of techniques always very risky I will suggest SEO, If you want some results.Thanks

I tried a while back. No success it seemed. With google advertising someone searches for a product. That product is presented. The user clicks it because its what they are actively searching for. Facebook is more passive advertising. Like commercials on tv. More for brand recognition. Facebookers are there to do what they do. Not look at adds. The only ones that I think do work well are adds that show up in my feed that highlight a app with a download link. I have installed a few this way.

Facebook is general traffic. Lead generation works well on facebook. If you are trying to sell something instantly using facebook ad, it will not work.

We can also use some classified websites if we want to sell something instantly.

yeah its fully depends upon your product if your protect is good one it easily to reach the people.but i have one doubt why do you choose Ad your protect using Facebook?

It is because Facebook has huge traffic as we know all that’s why we use Facebook for the advertising.

Hi dxter, I am not very familiar with Facebook paid advertising yet. However, I would like to ask what you have actually done with your advertising? And what were your expectations? And the possible result of your advertising?

I sure hope there were. Is there at least an increase in your post traffic? I would like to believe there weren’t because of your statement “with virtually no success”?

For those who were familiar, could you correct my understanding please?

[LIST]"My cent is that “The goal of Post Boosting on Facebook is only to increase your posts impression on people’s news feed.”.Therefore, the possibility that a fb post will be liked will still depend on the quality of the post shared.

If my current understanding is correct, I believe what was missing in your campaign was more attractive content. (Of course I may be wrong since you haven’t given specific detail regarding your said advertising).

Yes @PicnicTutorials, this is how I imagine FB advertising, focusing on brand recognition. Brand recognition in Facebook I suppose is like CPM (Cost-per-Impression) in Google Advertising. This is from the concept that of an increase in your posts impression (that will likely lead to a bigger possibility of user interaction (e.g. like, comment, share)).

And based on your example, what you are saying that works are those that have apps with a download link. This may be because their call-to-action in their campaign is straight to the point. They want you to download their app by clicking on the link. And you did…

Of course, this is a case-to-case basis, since this will depend on your strategy.

FB has both not only CPM and CPC as you said if the product you serve is for entertainment then may get more hits but if your an service provider don’t go for FB advertising

It depends on your targeted visitors. First you need to survey about how many of your visitors are using facebook. If you have such visitors who doesn’t use facebook then your advertises are going waste. i.e. QROPS, an UK pension transfer; will not get benefit from facebook. and ecommerce websites earns from facebook.