Experience with Facebook Adverts

Dear all,

Just wondering whether anybody has experienced Facebook Adverts.

I feel that online advertising is the way to go, but what is really needed to be affective? Maybe there might be some tweaking needed in the facebook advertising fields.

I have mine set to my specific country, and who have interests in the targeted town. It’s come up to 800 people, would be interested to see how many people “Like” me.

Need for tweaking? Holy cow! ALWAYS!!!

Continuous improvement:

If it ain’t broke, break it. Try something new.

If it works, keep doing it.

If it doesn’t, tweek it or try something else.

Then try something new.

Rinse and repeat.

I have around 15, :frowning: I have a long way to go. I do promote it to my friends but many cannot be bothered accepting.

Thanks for you advise, I will try to do it like this. I am thinking of launching a test advert just to see how things go. I have not yet finished with everything, but my Facebook page is kind of got lots to see, including photos, adverts, posts on the internet and anything I find useful.

I have not finished putting my site together yet, but I have printed out real life advertising material. I feel postal marketing is just as important, if not more.

Facebook advertising can be very successful for getting certain types of engagement and traffic. However as people are on facebook for a social engagement you have to have the right campaign goals and fit. Most companies use FB ads to drive traffic to the FB page, build engagement and brand loyalty. Trying to drive direct sales or leads is possible but a more difficult challenge that can leave opportunity on the table.

Remember, people go to facebook to engage with relevant content from their friends and potentially a brand. You want to keep in that cycle to suceed.

I thought so too.

Maybe if you asked questions you could induce conversations and get people into talking about things. But honestly if you’re selling let’s say “blinds”, nobody is really going to put a comment on this unless it was a interesting. If your posting “30% of blinds this month”, I highly doubt anybody would say anything, were as if the blind had a cool design on it you’re more likely to get a response.

I suppose every-so-often you could through in a cool design just for people to see. This would be cool. Though you need a ratio of cool-stuff to announcements / selling stuff, to get noticed properly. If you kept posting marketing stuff you will quickly find people clicking on hide.

What’s you’re take on all this?

If you open that to a bigger geographic it should top 800, I have used and use now FB and its easy to get people to you FB page but conversion is another thing all together

I feel face book advertising is something that can really be beneficial, but like you said, information out there is limited. This could possibly make it more beneficial because less people are doing it.

So many people are not using it to it’s full potential. In my opinion facebook have much more potential than twitter, and I think the benefits are enormous. In either event I am going to experiment and spend a bit of money to see what will come of it.

I have been working with FB advertising for a long time now in 2 different areas: Driving visitors to fine-craft artists’ web sites, and creating campaigns for government programs. I feel that there is very little out there in the way of information on the effectiveness of facebook advertising. All you hear is the amount of money being spent, I find little about effectiveness for the little guy.

The first thing I think about is that 800 people is not enough to get a really good read on a market. If you want to make sales you need to find something that will be seen by at least 5000 people.