Facebook Advertising or Google Adwords?

Hey everyone, I’m thinking of starting a campain and I’m deciding between facebook advertising and google adwords. I like facebook advertising lets users really target a specific audience.

Has anyone tried out both? Which one would you recommend?

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Because that wasn’t the question I had. I was trying to figure out which method worked best for people, not how I can lower my budget sp both options can work.

the question should be “how could i combine Google AdWords and Facebook advertising”, not “which method is better than the other”.

Reklama internete yra daug efektyvesnė ir pigesnė, nei reklama spaudoje ar televizijoje. Internetinė reklama yra skaidri, rezultatai nesunkiai išmatuojami.

What are you advertising and to whom?

Facebook lets you throw ads on someone’s profile. The people that see it are in social network mode. They’re reading profiles, playing games, uploading photos, chatting.

Google AdWords lets you put ads on search result pages. The people that see it are actively looking for what you sell. They have wallets in hand and are deciding which site to give their money to.

Big difference.

I’m the founder of a website marketplace, so I’m selling a service to people who are looking into either buying or selling a website.

The problem I think I might run into using Google Adwords is that when people type in terms like “buying websites” or “websites for sale” I feel like people may simply want information on the process, not necessarily selling their website there on the spot.

b2b advertising on facebook is hit or miss… sure the people who are buying sites use the tool but can you identify just who they are to target in on them or will you end up with a lot of spill over marketing that doesn’t drive value?

As far as going with adwords s facebook it’s not an either or scenario. They are different tools with different ways of reaching people, conversion rates will differ as will value which is why you would want to look at them independently and see if either, or both, bring value.

There is a fine line between facebook and adsense. now facebook is a more Relationship building site where you are advertising to build a relationship for your market. I don’t recommend using Direct sales letters to ask your market “Give me your money right now” but more of an optin page to a FREE report, free product or a free information guide. Use an email autoresponder like getresponse and aweber to capture your markets emails and then build a relationship to sell them later…

Adsense is more of market where people are searching for your product or service where you will show up in the listing per keyword as selected. Adsense market runs towards the person search results that is “Looking” or “buying” something you are selling or providing. This can be an Optin as i discussed with facebook or can be a DIRECT sales to ask for their money to your service or product.

Facebook is free, although AdWords is more effective. Facebook is also great for brand recognition.

Facebook has a paid advertising program just as Google has a paid program which is what’s being discussed here.

I wouldnt do facebook. Somehow I feel advertising there would drain the money too fast without much return. At least on AdWords we can control the target audience a lot.

I am not aware about how target advertising based on user profiles work?

Both face book and Google ad words have their own sense of advertising and thus face book is a more beneficial than Google ad words as, its more frequently visited by users … and lot of social interaction goes on there…

On Facebook you can target the audience by demographic. You know more about who the people you’re targeting are.

On AdWords you can target the audience by intent. You know more about what the people you’re reaching are looking for.

If you need one or the other (specific demographics or specific intent) one may be better than the other.

google adword more effecient in targeted keyword because their algorithm is very carefully to pickup which one from the suitble website compare to facebook, it can’t give more specific in keyword

IMO, I will prefer to go for Google Adwords. Because all people using facebook is busy checking the updates of their friends … :smiley:

does any one have done advertising in facebook…cause i have plan to advertising there…it is worth …?

I prefer facebook advertising because it can reach a lot of people.

iT depends on your niche dude, your target audience

I’ve had great success advertising things on facebook with their ads. However as many people have pointed out, facebook is not a place where people are looking for a product or to purchase from an ad thus you have to look at what you are promoting and what your goals are to see if it’s a fit. You have the right people (heck, you have everyone) but timing is key and someone engaged in photos may not be up for a buy now offer. However, with the right campaign you can increase awareness, build a following on their site and drive advocacy, involvement, viral spread and all of those build towards a sale.

The trick is to look at goals that fit the medium and test things to see how they play out for you and your business.

Facebook is great to let the real people know about your product.

Yes, the sales from the facebook advertisement are low, but it is great tool for brand building.