Advertisers (not networks) paying net30?

I received an email from a possible advertiser who says they will only pay net 30. Are they trying to scam me?

The company seems reputable, and it is lots of money, so I don’t know what to do. I’ve heard of ad networks doing this, but a private advertiser?

Who knows.

But you should require half up front.

If they do not like it, there are PLENTY of advertisers out there.

Try go in depth what they initially want. And clear doubt from other side.


Thanks for the help.

I asked them if it was alright to start with a smaller test campaign. I’ll keep you updated… and let you know what company it is if they scam me.

Wait a second here…why are you asking them if it is alright?

YOU tell them YOUR requirements. It is your site. They are the advertisers.

Anyway, good luck with it.

Who is the advertiser? Some rinky-dink company you never heard of or a well-known brand-name company? Ford doesn’t pay Yahoo in advance. It’s totally industry standard for the advertiser to pay AFTER the media property has performed its contractural obligation.

It is an accredited college that wants to advertise. I have not heard back from them since my last email though.

Better safe than sorry. Take the payment in advance and then run their ads.