Traffic Buyer?

Has anyone here ever dealt with Traffic Buyer?
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They market and run ad campaigns for companies.

They contacted me to run ads on my website for another website.

Has anyone here dealt with them?

It’s sounds like a different way to represent an advertising network.
What is the payment they are offering?

They want to run an ad for a website for a year across my website.

My policy is that I will only run an ad when payment has been received.
They say they pay net 30 and I will need to send an invoice.

Buying ad space across my website should the payment be for the whole year or net 30?

Paying net 30 sounds like an ad network and not ad space buying.

Any feed back?

Net 30 is just a paying method, it doesn’t say that they are necessarily a network. But as I said before- they sure sounds like one :slight_smile:

What is your website? How many page views do you get a month?
If you will give me more information about your website I’d be able to give you more tips.

You can also PM me the information if you don’t want it to be public :slight_smile:

Net 30 terms.
sounds like an ad network to me…

Thanks for sharing but…umm…not interested.