Ad Networks

I have a site I built just to learn OOP and have never really considered monetizing. The site has started doing pretty well recently.

In the last week I’ve been approached by email twice about monetizing my site (receives about 250,000 uniques and serves roughly 750,000 impressions a month). The first was from a shady company that didn’t even have a web presence (I obviously ignored the offer). The most recent is from .Fox Networks and they said they’d like to monetize my inventory (which is currently 0 as I don’t have any ad units).

My question is this, is it common to be contacted like this? Right Media is owned by Yahoo! and .Fox Networks seem to check out (looks to be owned by Fox). What I’m more concerned about is if the middle man might be trying to take advantage of me. Anyone seen this before or is there anything I should watch out for? Or am I being paranoid?

Sure you will be contacted by different companies that would like to advertise their products/services on your site. These could be ad networks (like .Fox) - they are middle companies in the whole process, also there may be requests from advertisers directly who would like to sell their OWN services/products. What about prices, networks can suggest you good prices, however theoretically end advertisers should pay more since they would work directly with you.