What is your daily adsense earnings?

Please tell me your daily earnings from adsense.

My daily average earnings: 7.45

My daily average is about $15 spread over six sites. nothing to write home about :rolleyes:

good earnings…
it will be good if you also give your site URL with the earnings

Just a noob and have about 5 sites and making on average 3.50 per day on aver rage. Nothing to be proud of but hopefully it will get better as I will become more well verse with how to SEO and get those hihgPR links.


I make about $5 a day on the urls below, but it’s been higher than average during testing season

A larger fanbase will help you much more than an SEO boost.

I think that the earnings are irrelevant sometimes.
Yeah, I know, That’s what we look for in the end but the click rate, click quality and eCPM are the important details…

Anyhow, I am making just over 50$ from all of my websites a day, with exception of Sundays, where i make 34$… (Can somebody explain me that?)

My Daily earning goes arround 7 USD among 3 blogs.

5 USD per day, how to get more?

Mine ranged from $10 to $25 daily.

My adsense earnings are about 80$ a day on average for 2009, but the month of may has been about 20% better.
2008 was a really great year, let’s say some wonderful 9 months, but I’ve been hit very hard in september traffic-wise on one site, my main earner, and since then I’ve recovered slowly, not with this site but by creating and promoting other, now the earnings are better spread amongst sites.

Mine used to be around 3 dollars a day but I have stopped using them now…

Hey James what sites are you using to get that amount per day and around how much traffic…?

About 10 000 to 15 000 unique visitors (1ip/24h) per day with half a dozen sites. There’s room for improvement, but the key is traffic, my webhosting is ok, it can take much more before crying, it’s just google not sending enough people :slight_smile:

Last year for a good 6 months it was wonderful, well over $100 a day with mainly one site, but the traffic died off from one day to the next because google decided so. The traffic from other sources is about 10%, the rest was from Google. So I built up traffic again but this time spread over several sites.

For instance I started a french digg-like back in september, after the traffic to my other site died off, now it’s earning about $25 a day on average, and just one month ago I released the english version (in my signature) and my main activity since is to build traffic and membership for this one. I find it much harder than the french one, I guess because there are so many failed digg-like that people only trust established ones, and mine still has no PageRank (next PR update is beginning of july) but in a few months I’m sure shetoldme.com will become my main earner, because it has potential, Google willing of course :slight_smile:

Is it ok to disclose this information as per Big G terms? All I can reveal is I score in double digits most of the days.

You can disclose gross earnings, so how much you earn per day on average is the same as how much you earn per month, it’s ok.

I have a question for you all, still related. Have you seen your daily adsense earning change (up or down) since we’ve gotten into the ‘credit crunch’, crazy economy?

I’ve had a couple colleagues say that they’ve actually seen an increase, but this is a very small sample of data to use as a benchmark. Thanks in advance!

AS I said, from sept 2008 to now I’ve been increasing my earnings after a sudden loss of traffic.
I increased my traffic and so my number of ads impression.
The CTR didn’t progress or even decreased a little, but the average CPC increased significantly, about 10-20%
ECPM also stayed about the same, maybe it’s increasing a little these last weeks.

So no sign of credit crunch, except in what we don’t see, that is, what the figures would be if there was no credit crunch? Maybe it has worsened a lot yet, but it hasn’t improved as much as we can wish either, and the crisis is far from finish yet!

Working towards a four figure daily earning
Hopefully will get there soon
And they told me it was easy when I first started:rofl:

Are you making 5$ from 8 sites ? or 5$ earnings from every site ?